Video conferencing is an essential aspect of work-life for most of us, whether we're using it to coordinate between teams located across the globe, or to connect with fellow team members while working from home. Zoom, a video conferencing tool launched back in 2011 by former Cisco engineer Eric Yuan, has gained popularity all over the world today. Thanks to its free video conferencing feature for up to 100 participants, it has become the tool of choice for remote classrooms, meetings and more. If you're just getting acquainted with the app now, there could be ways to further improve your Zoom experience. Scroll ahead for some easy hacks.

Tip 1: Change your virtual background

If you're not satisfied with the backdrop of your room, you can switch it up with the virtual backgrounds already available on the app, under the Settings tab. Still not happy with the options it provides? You can even upload your own image to customise it.

Tip 2: Transcribe your meeting

Recording meetings is a very popular feature on Zoom. However, you can also have a readily available transcript of your meetings on the app. To do this, go to your Account Settings, click Cloud Recording, and then hit the Recording tab. From there, go to Advanced Cloud Recording Settings, click Audio Transcript, and then save your settings.

Tip 3: Get a virtual touch up

Just finished your chores and already have a meeting to attend? Let Zoom fix you up with the 'Touch Up My Appearance' option, which puts a soft-focus filter on your feed. Your overall look will be more polished, and you won't even have to worry about removing makeup after the call.

Tip 4: Track who is paying attention

A nifty little feature on Zoom allows you to see who's been away from the meeting for more than 30 seconds. Don't worry, this does not track any audio or video, and only works if you have the option enabled. Meeting hosts can make this mandatory for participants, however, there are also a lot of creative ways to get around this if needed.

Tip 5: Try Gallery view

When the number of participants is too high, or you just want to see everyone on the screen at the same time, Zoom's Gallery View is a lifesaver. All you need to do is hit the Grid icon on the top right of your screen in a video call to enable this. Image courtesy: Zoom, Shutterstock