Everyone wants powerful appliances that are faster, handle tasks that are bigger, and never fall short of power. However, when there are constraints like limited space, power restrictions and more, it is the versatile appliances that save the day. If you look around your kitchen, you’ll find the humble electric kettle to be the most versatile appliance available to you. Do you think it is only good for the occasional cup of hot water? Then you’ve been using it wrong. Let us show you a few interesting things you can do with it.

Tea and Coffee

It is evident that an electric kettle can make hot water that can be used to make coffee – all you need to do is dissolve the right amount of coffee powder, milk and sugar according to your taste.

However, you can also make tea by keeping the tea leaves steeped in the hot water for a couple of minutes before you pour it out into cups. This requires even lesser intermediaries and is a quick and effective way to get a cuppa without going all the way to the kitchen.


Just like coffee, you can always just throw in some instant soup mix into hot water from the kettle to get premixed soup. However, you can also make your own by throwing in some vegetable, some spices, seasoning to taste and any other ingredient of your choice. Once they’re in, all you need to do is set it to boil for the right amount of time.

Instant Noodles and Oatmeal

This is perhaps the most common usage of the electric kettle, especially with students and working professionals.

Throw in some instant mix into the water yet to boil, and once it is boiling, throw in the noodle to get instant noodles in no time. Oatmeal would be simpler without a requirement of putting in ingredients separately.

Boiled eggs

Another popular use with those living away from home, the electric kettle can be used to boil eggs. Just ensure that there is enough water in the kettle and that you keep a watch on the time, just in case. In most cases, one complete cycle of boiling will give you perfectly boiled eggs. You can either have them directly or used the boiled eggs in a different preparation.

Boiled meals

With the right ingredients, you can even make a complete meal in the electric kettle. For instance, throw in some rice, vegetables, spices and you have rice pulao. Once again, with a large number of contents, always ensure that there’s enough space for the ingredients to float. Otherwise, there is a chance that they’ll get stuck to the bottom of the kettle and spoil the food. Also, only put ingredients that are easy to boil, since it is not possible to the same ingredients to boil multiple times without cooling them down.

Home spa

Didn’t expect this? We don’t blame you. Most people wouldn’t associate a kettle with self-care. However, preparing a warm foot soak or being able to steam your face after a long day can be very relaxing. You can do that and much more without having to wait for the water to boil after you get home – all you need is the right electric kettle.

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