What happens when you take the power of the Internet to a small village in Tamil Nadu? A viral Internet sensation, apparently. In Tiruppur, a small village near Coimbatore in Western Tamil Nadu, an old man sits hunched over a massive cooking vessel as he stirs the bubbling contents within. Meet Arumugam, master chef and YouTube celebrity of Village Food Factory fame. When his son started filming his meal preparations a few months ago, neither of them had any idea just how big their humble little YouTube channel was soon going to be. Four months since starting out, they’re sitting pretty at 1.5 lakh subscribers and several of their videos clock in at over a million views each. Perhaps it’s the unassuming nature of the show’s star who always seems to be smiling, or even the enthusiasm with which he digs into his own delicious fare at the end of every video – whatever it is, the Internet seems to love it. Positive comments and messages of encouragement have come pouring in from across the world, with many people urging Arumugam to open up a restaurant to make the most of his skills.


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