You’ll still find people who don’t use Facebook or Twitter, the two biggest things to happen to the internet but there’s absolutely no one who has access to the World Wide Web and won’t use YouTube. This single video streaming site has changed the way we spend our leisure time. From news, to movies, music and all recreational content, we’d rather watch a video about it on YouTube then scout for it elsewhere. But this website is much more than ‘search and watch’. There are so many hidden features and hacks you can use to make the most of it. Here are some interesting ways to use YouTube.
Play a video on loop
Doesn’t this happen to all of us every now and then that we find a certain song and listen to it on loop all day. Except, or a regular day you have to manually keep going back to the play button. Not when you use this simple hack. Open the YouTube video and then replace “youtube” in the URL to “listenonrepeat”. This should help you listen to the song a few hundred time before you tire of it.
Access all videos of a specific channel
Ever stumbled on a certain stand-up or philosophy video and wondered what the rest of the videos on this channel must be like? You could obviously go to the channel and browse or you could use this single hack that will display all the videos of the channel in a single list for you. All you have to do is add "&list=UL" to the end of the video URL and it will display a playlist of all the videos uploaded by that uploader. Also Read: Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life with These Quick Hacks
Block YouTube ads
From the ones that you can skip after 5 seconds to the ones you have to endure for a whole 30 seconds, YouTube ads can be a total bummer. But this one hack can sort you out for good. If you use Chrome, get the “AdBlocker for YouTube” extension, and say hello to a new ad-free YouTube experience.
Download audio instantly
Don’t go hunting for torrents every time you like a song on YouTube, just use this simple hack to download the song in an mp3 file. Go to, put the link of your video in the box and hit convert and then download. Also Read: Streaming and Downloading Music Legally in Illegal Times
Download video instantly
Similarly, if you want to download a YouTube video for keepsakes, you can go to and download it in in an MP4 format. They even let you choose different sizes to download depending on the quality.
Turn videos to gifs
Making GIFs has never been as simple as this. If you find a gif-worthy clip in your video, simply replace “youtube” with “gifyoutube” in the URL and it will take you to page, where you can manually make you own gif. Cool eh! Cover Image Courtesy: