Your wardrobe can make way for some smart and trendy formal wear this season that is definitely stylish. Formal wear may be considered boring but that doesn't mean it has to lack style and the latest trends. Keep it simple with crisp white shirts and a trendy jacket or blazer which will instantly transform your look and up your style quotient. Accessorize with the perfect tie, put on your best shoes and you'll absolutely own it. We've got you a curated list of formal wear that should definitely be on every man's must have list.

A Crisp White Shirt

A white shirt is an absolute must-have! You could pair it with just about any trousers and blazer and is a formal wardrobe staple.

Black Slim Fit Trousers

A pair of black trousers should definitely make it to your wardrobe. They could be paired with most of your formal shirts. Complete your look with black formal shoes and a chic tie.

A Checked Jacket

Your choice of outerwear could make or break your formal look. A checked jacket is absolutely stylish. Take a break from the solid jackets and blazers and put on a checked jacket for a fashionable formal look.

The Must-have Black Blazer

A black blazer is one of the most common formal wear buys but a well tailored black blazer is what can really up your game. Invest in a well tailored blazer for a stylish formal look.

The Perfect Formal Watch

This watch is absolutely stunning and perfect to pair with your formal wear. Its waterproof feature and premium leather strap definitely makes it a good buy.

Formal Shoes

A good pair of formal shoes is the most important feature of your formal look. This pair is comfortable and extremely stylish which makes it an absolute must-have.

A Leather Belt

Accessorize your look with a premium quality belt that will definitely help you complete your formal look. This bely is highly durable and perfect for your formal outfit.

A Plaid Tie

A plaid tie like this blue one is perfect to pair with most of your formal shirts. Complete your look with the cuff links and a stylish jacket. Like this article? Also read: A/Wsome Edit: Co-ordinate Your Office Shirts with Your Shoes Like a Pro