We are all the by-products of our mistakes and we cannot deny that no matter how much we regret making them, we have indeed learnt a great deal from them. But if you got a chance to go back in time and give your younger self some advice, what would that be? We asked this diverse bunch of young and talented women who’ve excelled in their profession for one such advice they would like to give their younger self. Their answers were a mix of experience, regret and learning. Read on.

Pallavi Singh, 25, Model

pallavi “There is nothing in this world I can't do by myself because the greatest strength I have got from nature is being a woman. I would want my younger self to realise it. The beauty and the blessing of it and carry it with grace and confidence. And to be fearless in this man-centric world.”

Krithika Iyer, 25, Actor and Model

krithika “My younger self was a wonderful kid; an enthu cutlet if you will. However, she was incredibly naive and would've been happier if someone were around to tell her the following few things: i. You’re 13, kiddo. Forget about the body hair and the unibrow for now. It’ll eventually come off (by some very painful ways at that). ii. It’s perfectly okay to not love/excel at math and science. It doesn’t make you a failure. Keep the love for history, languages and the arts alive. You’re going to make it big there someday. iii. People will tell you that you’re weird. That’s good. Make sure they keep telling you that for the rest of your life. iv. Your parents are your best friends. Take their advice very seriously and don’t be afraid to share things with them. v. Aspire for bigger and better. Never be satisfied with “good”, and never settle for the sake of peace. vi. When you speak to people, look into their eyes. It doesn’t mean you’re staring, it only lets them know that you really do care.”

Rachel Varghese, 29, Musician

rachel “I would like to tell my younger self to be strong with your held head high, pursue your dreams, have many interests and cultivate them and never stop learning, seeking and creating.”

Laila Dalal, 30, Hair and Make-up artist

laila “I would like to tell my younger self to not sweat the small stuff. Life goes on and whatever happens, happens for the best. Also it will pass so have faith” Like this article? Also read: Women's Day Special: What CLiQs For These Celebs