It’s no secret that music and exercise are inextricably linked. How often do you see people running on the road or working out at the gym with their earphones plugged in as they go through the motions? In fact, when it comes to making exercise a habit, music might be the best-kept secret weapon - some studies show that an individual may experience up to a 70% boost in their ability to stick to an exercise programme if they listen to music while doing exercising. It isn’t much different for yoga either. Music can invigorate and focus the mind, allowing you to channel your energies effectively. The perfect yoga playlist is a balance of energy and calm, designed to get you in the zone. So, this year, for World Yoga Day, we’ve curated a yoga playlist to help you feel at ohmmmm.

Akal, White Sun

Africa, Cottonbelly Remix

Holiest, Glass Animals

Sirata, Habib Koite

Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap

Pitch the Baby, The Cocteau Twins

Glory Box, Portishead

Tessellate, Ellie Goulding

Coffee, Sylvan Esso

Drifting, Suzanne Ciani

Bonus: Long Ambients, Moby

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