Spotted: a new trend lurking around in plain sight. Noticed by the fashion kin and their highly sensitive radars, this one is a can’t-miss, won’t-miss trend that the fashion savvy monde is eager to tap on. First seen on the likes of Rihanna and Sonam Kapoor, it has now been endorsed by FLOTUS Michelle Obama herself. Yellow, the colour of sunflowers, emojis, and sunny side up eggs is the new black and we’re all for it. While it might just be the antidote to Monday morning blues, it is a tricky colour to pull off. Many have tried, many have failed and many have turned into hilarious memes (ref: Rihanna again). Fret not, young padawan, for here we are to your rescue. Scroll down and learn  how to work this colour.

Tone on Tone

Bright-eyed bushy-tailed much? Show it by teaming two, three, more shades of yellow. Pair marigold and chartreuse, canary and custard. Don’t forget to carry a pocket full of sunshine along.


Sceptics and disbelievers, initiate yourself by letting the slightest hint of yellow peek out of your otherwise blanched outfit. No one will question your commitment to ennui this way.


Nothing, I repeat, nothing complements yellow as greige (grey + beige) does. Like a pair of monogamous swans or Ross and Rachel, these two shades are meant to be. Period.

Take a hint

Of yellow with a side of your breakfast eggs (would you like that scrambled or fried?). Yellow loafers or a box bag (#NowTrending) is the way to go if you, like me, aren’t really warming up to this happy-shiny shade.


As demonstrated by Michelle Obama, the Little Yellow Dress is the life of the party. A fitted shift dress and neutral accessories definitely scores brownie points in a sea of black.   Images courtesy

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