When it comes to shopping for dresses, I (of a non-supermodel body type) always find myself  lost. As someone with curves and no personal stylist at my disposal, shopping for dresses is stress-inducing, which in turn makes me reach out for cookies and the problem at hand only exacerbates. So when I saw Yami Gautam in this stunner of an orange dress, I knew it was something I could never pull off in this lifetime.  That was until I scrolled through my Instagram feed. One quick scroll and the answer is clear - what Yami and plus-sized model Ashley Graham have in common have is how great they look in a wrap dress. To verify this new found theory I went ahead and stalked to usual suspect, fashion bloggers, celebs, the gamut. Safe to say, it's true. A wrap dress is the answer to the What Should I Wear conundrum. Every fashion influencer worth her salt has already arrived at this conclusion and stuffed their closet with this universally flattering got-to. As always, the world of online shopping is the perfect haven to find a repository of wrap dresses, from demure and work-friendly pieces to fun and flirty options. Here are the best finds from the Now & Wow sale. Stock up and forget all about a wardrobe rut.

Femella Black Printed Wrap Dress

Femella MP000000001462988_450Wx600H_20170520211000
Big sleeves and asymmetrical hemlines are all the rage this season. This wrap dress has a strong date-night vibe to it. It is fun, flirty and when teamed with a pair of strappy sandals, will leave your Tinder date stumped. There is also the added advantage of it's easy-breezy fabric that will make al fresco dining easy to endure should the weather decide to not comply.

Vero Moda Navy Printed Wrap Dress

Vero Moda MP000000001347070_450Wx600H_20170412200223
Even if you're not the kind to go on brunches or high-tea, you have to admit, this dress definitely makes you reconsider your stance. The print is beautiful enough to be a work of art and navy is a colour that flatters everyone. Whether you decide to wear it to work or for a lunch meeting, you can't go wrong with this must have.

Wardrobe by Westside Black Ollie Dress

Wardrobe MP000000000872668_437Wx649H_20170203215740
Trust me, it happens to all of us. There are days we hit the snooze button a bit too frequently and end up oversleeping. That should be no excuse to not look like you dressed up for work, however. A wrap-front dress like this one is made for those days. Pull it on and you're ready to go!

Warehouse Black Floral Printed Wrap Dress

Warehouse MP000000000246528_4350Wx600H_20170505145219
Think florals are a cliche? The intricate pattern on this dress will make you think again. It's slouchy fit and tie-front detail has us thinking this is something even Kate Middleton would approve of. Pair with wedges and an off-the-moment basket bag for best effect.

Wardrobe by Westside Black Printed Dress

Wardrobe MP000000000997700_450Wx600H_20170203220253
The reason why wrap dresses should be a staple in every closet is simple - it is all about the fit. As demonstrated by Yami above, a dress like thi9s hugs your curves in all the right places no matter what the body type. Plus, cinching the waist is always the easiest trick to looking your best self.

Warehouse Navy Solid Wrap Dress

Warehouse MP000000000246696_450Wx600H_20170510145451
Make this navy wrap dress from Warehouse the one thing you buy this sale season. This is something you will never have shopper's remorse over - this dress is all-purpose, all-season and universally flattering. In short, it has all the makings of a true classic.