Xiaomi has been in the mobile business for a little over six years but it’s already the fifth largest smartphone maker after Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Lenovo. Clearly, Xiaomi is doing something right to hold such a position. We’ve already spoken about how Xiaomi turned out to be such a big player in the mobile market here. The brand’s ability to pack in high-end features in low budget phones is commendable, but beyond all this, there is one unique feature that Xiaomi as a brand brings to its phones. At the core of every Xiaomi gadget lies the MIUI, a ROM skin based on Android that powers all its smartphones and tablets. Before Xiaomi was a smartphone maker, it was a software company that provided a custom version of Android called MIUI, which was initially developed in the Chinese language. The first MIUI ROMs were based on Android 2.2x Froyo and eventually Xiaomi added several apps like Notes, Music and Gallery to enhance its basic framework. MIUI soon gained popularity and was being ported into unofficial versions in other languages by independent developers and fan groups. Then in 2011, Xiaomi launched its first smartphone with MIUI on it and since then this user interface has become the base and strength of the brand. The MIUI has many features that make is so popular among fans.

It’s Highly Customisable

The MIUI is the most customisable ROM. It allows you to change every aspect of the phone, right from the lock screen to the notification shade, the boot screen animation, fonts, icons and more. You can completely change the look of your MI phone every single day with the hundreds of themes they have to offer. Also Read: Xiaomi Edit: More Than Just a Smartphone Brand

It Is Very Secure

The default security app on every MI phone is very powerful. It gives you full control to configure permissions given to individual apps. Other than that, you also get an anti-malware, clean-up and other useful functions.

It Provides Regular Updates

Xiaomi has a huge group of developers and contributors around the world that regularly update the software with new features, improvements and bug fixes. Every new update is on par with Google’s Android. However, unlike Android, Xiaomi provides MIUI updates even to its old devices. For instance, it’s latest MIUI 9 that was rolled out in November 2017 will be available for devices as old as the Mi 2, which was released back in 2012.

There is a MIUI Forum for All Your Problems

If you’re ever struck with a problem or error on you MI phone, you can always turn to the MIUI forum for help. The MIUI forum is a huge group made up of official MIUI team members, developers and experienced Mi fans. You can post your problems here and expect quick help from the group. Also Read: Are You Ready To LiteRide? Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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