Xiaomi as a brand has always pushed some boundaries, launching feature-loaded smartphones at a much lesser price than its competitors. The brand has continually given us quality smartphones which has earned it a global fan base. Today Xiaomi competes with some of the biggest names, including Samsung, HTC and LG, matching their smartphones at every range with a Xiaomi equivalent, up until now. Also Read: Why We Can’t Get Enough of Xiaomi This year Xiaomi has gone a step further and launched a game-changing smartphone packed with features that have never been imagined at a price like this. The Xiaomi Redmi 4A is a 10/10 smartphone in terms of specs at a price that’s well below most budget buys. Coming in at Rs 6,999, it will offer tough competition to other phones in the sub-Rs 10,000 category. At the price of a spare phone with bare necessities, the Redmi 4A power-packed. It allows you to watch movies, take pictures, browse the internet and more. Here’s a look at one of the most superior phone in the sub-Rs 6,000 smartphone segment.

It's Got the Looks

redmi 4a Even at a price tag like this, the Redmi 4A does not look like a cheap rip-off. It has a polycarbonate back with a polished metallic surface that looks highly attractive, and comes in rose gold, gold and dark grey. It has a very ergonomic design that makes this 5.5-inch smartphones comfortable to hold on to. The screen has a 5-inch display with 1,280X720p resolution that makes colours look vibrant enough to watch movies or browse photos. It also has a reading mode that lets you read without straining your eyes.

It Delivers Performance

redmi 4a 1 The Redmi 4A challenges all norms of an entry-level phone by packing in a Snapdragon 425 processor, paired with 3GB of RAM. It has 32GB internal memory that can be expanded by up to 128GB via its hybrid micro-SD card slot. It has a pretty good 3,120mAh battery too that can easily get you through the day. All these features make this phone more than an average buy and perfect for casual usage. Also Read: Malaika Arora’s Top 5 Picks: Tops For The Office

It's Got a Great Camera

remi 4a 2 The Redmi 4A comes with a 13MP rear camera with auto focus and flash. On the front, it has a 5MP shooter. As all other Xiaomi phones, it has a bunch of interesting filters to choose from. In good lighting, it does a great job at capturing colours and details, however, it might not be the finest camera for low-light photos. For a budget-conscious buyer, let’s just say, the pictures from this phone are good enough for your social media account.

The Bottomline

Ticking the 'Yes' box in terms of build, performance, battery and camera, this phone is a perfect buy for someone on a budget.  There is definitely value for money with features like these at a phone that’s priced so cheap. Moreover, this phone is a lone wolf in this category with no other competitor good enough to match it. Also Read: India’s Hottest New Tourist Destinations in 2017 Cover Image  and images via gearbeast.com



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