The Mi Mix Alpha was the latest entrant into the MIX series of innovative concept smartphones from Xiaomi late last year. Featuring a design that is almost all-screen front and back, the phone sports a screen-to-body ratio greater than 180% currently. The device was recently showcased in India in a bid to highlight Xiaomi’s renewed vigour in launching their premium devices in the country. 

The specifications 

The pOLED display on the phone wraps around the side and covers almost the entire back too, save for a vertical strip for the camera that runs across it.

Apart from the Snapdragon 855, the phone also features a 108MP shooter. Without any speakers, the sound is relayed via the display. The phone does not have any physical buttons apart from the power button at the top of the phone. Wireless charging is not a possibility with the current design. 

The scope 

At the recent India event, Xiaomi has confirmed that the phone is not ready for mass production. They have also said that developers will have to work with Xiaomi to develop apps for the custom display type.

For that to happen, as we’ve seen with other tech launches in the past, the phone must see significant adoption. While the device is not set for an India launch, the current price in China translates to roughly ₹2 lakh. 

The future 

Any concept-level technology like this is not ideally meant for mass adoption. However, in recent times we’ve seen features from concept phones launch on mass-market devices within as little as three months. For Xiaomi, however, the possibilities are wider. Their multiple product categories stand to benefit greatly from the curved display technology. Imagine a TV remote with a curved display that shows a running ticker of facts, schedule and more. Or imagine an air purifier that can also double up as a weather update console thanks to the curved display around its edges. The possibilities are quite exciting, and we’ve to wait and see if they are implemented in real devices. 

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Image Courtesy: Xiaomi