So let’s dive straight into the buffet. To start off, the new Xbox One S is 40% smaller compared to the now behemoth Xbox One. To top that off, Microsoft has magically shrunk the ginormous exterior power brick, into nothingness. Which means, all you need now is is a power cable that connects to the One S, simple.

It is a superstar 4K Blu-Ray player

One of the cheapest in the world precisely. Considering the fact that it sells for 399 USD for the 2 terabyte version we might as well order a dozen. There will be a 500GB and a 1TB version available later, but no dates are confirmed yet. Pretty similar to my dog’s love life situation. Moving on. You can even place the console vertically, we know space is hard to come in big cities, so smile now. To sum up, because the One S is a superstar Blu-Ray player that supports 4K video, it makes sense to buy one if you already own a 4K TV or plan to buy one in the very near future. Also Read: No Man’s Sky Is Our Current Top Awaited Game, Here’s Why   xbox one s

It can upscale current gen games to 4K

But then, you want native 4K gaming, no? Yes, you do but there is still some time until you will find a heap of 4K games for the buying and by that time, now read this bit very carefully. By that time, the new Xbox (Project Scorpio) with massively more hardware upgrades, will be out (end 2017). Bear in mind, that the Xbox One S is similar to the earlier Xbox when it comes to number crunching. Hence, if you already own one, buying the One S makes no sense. You decide. We will wait for the new Xbox because we already own its earlier version. Also Read: Why Assassin’s Creed is One of the Best Action-Adventure Games of All Time

Then there is the bit wherein you do not own a console at all

You are that set of earthlings that completely chose to splurge on other things like the Sphero BB-8, a new mountain bike and more. Worry not, because you are the perfect buyer for the Xbox One S. It is priced as sweet as it could be and with a year to go, at the very least for the next Xbox to launch, you have nothing to lose. For the price of a really interesting dinner date at a roof-top restaurant, you get a console that will give you great company be it sunshine or rain outside. Do the right thing, buy the One S.  Or if you like to keep things old-school, the Xbox One is a great gaming console too. Cover Image Courtesy:; Image via

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