Until two days ago, the only way to chat with your gaming friends was through the Xbox, but not anymore.  Microsoft just rolled out a new feature in its Xbox app that will make it easier to keep up with your gaming pals even when you’ve ventured beyond the reach of your console. If you use Xbox Live, you’ll be familiar to the party chat feature that lets you voice chat with other Xbox gamers. This feature is now available on the Xbox app too! This means you can stay connected to your fellow party members through voice and text wherever you are. This feature can prove to be super helpful when you want to keep up with a quest even when you’re not around. Party chat is available on both Android and iOS apps.

How to use it?

To start your own chat, go to the Xbox profile of the friend you want to talk to and hit ‘Invite to Party’. If your friend is already in a joinable party, you will be able to see it on their profile and join the voice chat right from there. Once you’re a party, you can access party controls, including text chat and the mute option. party chat This feature seems like a pretty good option for gamers who like to keep up with their Xbox friends on the go. You can stay updated on what’s happening in the game in real time. Party chat definitely gives Xbox a slight edge over the Play Station. Even though PS owners can use the official apps to message each other, they don’t have voice chat that’s as easy as party chat. It might be something you’d want to consider when making your choice between the two consoles, especially if you play online with a close set of friend group. To use party chat on your phone, download Xbox for Android here. Or To use party chat on your phone, download Xbox for iOS here. Also Read: Have You Got Your Hands on The Most Powerful Gaming Console Yet? Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com; image via onmsft.com

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