So Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2016 didn’t have a single hardware announcement. 🙁

Well, that made our cat sulk under the couch too. However, it was not all that bad, because the announcements done on the software part, aimed to make your Apple experience more engaging and effortless were pretty awesome.

The first thing that got us excited was the fact that Siri finally makes its way to the Mac OS.

Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2016 2

Siri can now be invoked from the keyboard, dock or the menu bar. Which only means now you get to masterfully command your wishes to be fulfilled by saying things like “Hey Siri, make me a new folder called Superjunk and move the folder Ex into it”. Find something interesting on Siri’s search results? Feel the need to include that in your next presentation? Simply drag and drop it without a fuss. The possibilities are endless and we look forward to becoming even more productive and lazy (mostly the latter) at the same time.

Apple Watch fanboys now have a solid reason to rejoice, because you can now unlock your Mac automatically by simply walking up to it! How cool is that? We know you hated remembering those passwords. Er, just one little bit of fact that you will have to buy the Apple Watch for this to work. Yeah. Remember Facebook’s Memories feature? Would you like something like that on your Mac? Well, the wait is over because on iOS 10 the Photos app will let you fish out past images from your library by automatically pushing them in Memories.  A new and yet another magical beacon of hope from Apple that scans your pictures and videos. It even detects your most beloved and ignored events and presents them in an eye-catching manner. Another feature that most will find useful is the fact that a Memory can also be an automatically edited movie with theme music, transitions and the whole shebang. Just another thing then, to spam people with. Apple also introduced trickery to automatically free up space on your Mac as you relentlessly pile on the media collection and other things. It does this by pushing items that aren’t used more often to iCloud and it even reminds you to delete used app installers. Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2016 1

While Siri is now made available to developers, one of the things we found most exciting was Swift. Apple’s new toolkit to help you create apps and more. Thanks to its interactive interface, programming becomes fun and engaging. Swift Playgrounds on the other hand, packs in Apple-developed programming tutorials that allow students to write code to create on-screen interactive games and more.

These are certainly exciting announcements that will be available on the upcoming Sierra OS on the Mac and iOS 10 for the iPad and iPhone range. Which only means we have to wait with bated breath!

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