Thinking of ways to surprise your loved one? A special gift always seems to be a good idea, but a gift that is wrapped with your personal touch can really do wonders! To get you started, we've got you amazing tips from luxury gift-wrapping expert Amruta Walvekar. As the owner and founder of Wrapistry, Amruta creates some of the best gift boxes we've ever come across and this time she has shared her tips on some DIY techniques that you can put to use for your Valentine's gifts. Here's a glimpse into her exciting work:
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Tell us a little about your company Wrapistry.

While in school, my favourite place to go was the stationery shop. I would stare at the colourful racks of paper but never thought I would have my own line of wrapping paper and greeting cards some day.  My MBA degree and a corporate job didn't inspire me much. The thought of drawers filled with ribbons and calligraphy ink was way more exciting. So I decided to say goodbye to London and move back home to start Wrapistry. It has been such a treat to travel across the country and teach workshops in calligraphy, gift wrapping and handcrafted paper flowers. Beautifying all things paper and ink, that’s what I consider my form of meditation.

How has the art of gift wrapping evolved?

In the last 10-15 years, people have been exposed to luxury packaging due to the increase in international travel and the influx of many international brands into India. Hence, it is refreshing to see people appreciate and support good quality wrapping paper and prints.

What is the importance of wrapping a gift for your loved one?

Valentine's Day is such a wonderful opportunity to show your love and appreciation for each other. A gift bag is convenient and sends across the basic message but beautiful gift-wrapping takes time and effort. A beautiful gift wrap transforms something impersonal into something personal. It's about going one step further. For the recipient, it's about the anticipation, the excitement of discovering what's inside.
To be sure you make a lasting impression, use some of our easy DIY tricks to make your loved one feel absolutely special.

The Valentine's Day DIY Gift Wrapping Guide

DIY 1.

This one is perfect if you'd like to add a cool twist to wrapping a smartphone. Material required: Newspaper, leaves, cardboard cello tape ring, shredded coloured paper, glue gun and scissors


Step 1: Wrap the smartphone box with newspaper. While choosing the newspaper, try to find a side that does not have any coloured photos or advertisements. Step 2: From a large leaf, cut 1/2 inch strips. Step 3: Pinch one side of the round cardboard ring in order to create a fold. On the opposite side, make the second pinch or fold and then push this side inwards of the ring so it looks like a heart. Use your glue gun and cover the heart (cardboard ring) with the strips of the leaf. Glue the heart to the newspaper wrapped box. Step 4: Shred some coloured paper (prefreably in red or pink). Make small paper balls from the shredded paper. Stick the paper balls inside the heart using hot glue. Step 5: Make a bow out of a small leaf. Stick the bow on the gift wrap using hot glue. You're done!    

DIY 2. 

For a jewellery box, use this idea. Material required: Brown paper, 3 leaves, gold paint, glue, paint brush.


Step 1: Wrap your gift with brown paper. On the top right-hand corner paint 3 hearts or as many hearts as you'd like. Step 2: Using the hot glue stick 3 leaves on the top left side of the gift. Step 3: Cut three circles with a 5-inch diameter. Fold them anti-clockwise to make a paper cone. Fold the pointed end of the cone. Cut paper measuring 4 inches x 2 inches (6 pieces). Roll this paper to make the buds or pollen inside the flower. Stick these inside each flower. Step 4: Stick all 3 flowers on the gift and it's ready!  

DIY 3. 

Perfect for a quirky touch to your gift. It's similar to the first DIY method. Material required: Brown or coloured paper, florist thread, glue gun and gold paint, paint brush


Step 1: Wrap your gift with a coloured paper. Make a heart using instructions from Method 1. Starting from the centre of the heart, use the florist thread to wrap the cardboard heart.   Step 2: Use gold acrylic paint to touch up the florist thread. Step 3: Place it on the gift by itself or use a few leaves underneath and then stick the heart with some hot glue. It's that simple!

DIY 4. 

This cute patterned gift wrapping technique is perfect to wrap just about any kind of gift. Material required: Brown paper, florist thread, dark maroon or red paper, pencil, scissors, glue gun and leaves.


Step 1: Wrap your gift with brown paper. Use the thick florist thread to create a pattern of your choice on the gift. Secure threads at the back with some glue gun. Step 2: Draw and cut 5-6 hearts from the maroon paper and stock them randomly on the gift along with some green leaves. Your loved one is sure to love this one.

DIY 5.

Add a personal touch to your gift with personalised quotes or words in calligraphy. Material required: Coloured paper, calligraphy pen, ink, ribbon, glue Step 1: Choose a simple coloured paper and enhance it with handwritten notes or your loved ones favourite lyrics. Step 2: Add cute elements like a bow made from contrast coloured ribbon.   Images Courtesy: