If you’ve been looking to improve your World Cup experience, we’re quite sure that you’ve already looked at quite a few options for TVs. That’s usually where people tend to focus the most, and as a result, the audio experience often ends up being lacklustre. However, the audio is as important to enjoying sports on TV as the visuals. The crack of the ball hitting a bat at 140kmph, the crowd cheering a last-minute goal, the skidding of a tennis pro’s shoes on the clay court – these pivotal sounds can make or break your experience of any game. We’ve curated some of the best gadgets you can get to enhance the sound experience of your cricket matches this world cup season. 

Home Theatres - the World Cup in your living room

Who said that going to the stadium is the best way to experience sports? A good home theatre can, in some ways, surpass the feel of a stadium – and here are our best picks.   

SONY HT-IV300 Home Theatre System Black 

The Sony HT-IV300 promises some serious performance when it comes to sports. The S-Master digital amplifier assures more power with less distortion, whereas the ClearAudio+ enhances stereo sound to 5.1 channels. However, perhaps the most unique feature onboard is the Football mode that puts you pitchside. It enhances the natural, ambient noise at sporting events and also allows you to filter out commentary entirely if needed. With DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD onboard, you won't be complaining about sound quality anytime soon.   

JBL Bar 5.1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black) 

If you thought transformers were limited to movies, then you haven’t met this home theatre from JBL. Originally a soundbar, there are two detachable wireless speakers on the unit that come with a 10-hour battery life. With Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS, your movies, music and video games will never sound more fascinating. The entire setup can push out 510W of total system power, and yet it can work with your existing TV remote.   

Soundbars - the sweet spot between portability and power

Not willing to go for a full-fledged home theatre? Soundbars today are more than capable of enhancing your sports audio. Here are our favourite picks. 

Samsung HW-K350 2.1 Channel Sound Bar (Black) 

If ease of use is a priority for you, the Samsung HW-K350 Soundbar will not disappoint you. The TV Soundconnect feature connects your home entertainment system with supported TVs seamlessly. On the other hand, the Samsung Audio Remote app lets you control your key soundbar functions. You can even wake systems from stand-by. With 2.1 channels pushing 150W of sound, your matches will get just the right mix of power and convenience.   

LG SK5 2.1 Channel DTS Virtual X Sound Bar (Black) 

Gone are the days when you had to buy a home theatre for the surround sound experience. The DTS Virtual: X technology on the LG SK5 can bring you a surround experience and amazing clarity with Adaptive Sound Control. The Hi-Res certification on the bar means that it can play back audio at 96kHz/24-bit quality, so audiophiles need not worry. When the combined power adds up to 360W, you know that this soundbar has the brains and the brawn to make your world cup experience unforgettable.   

Bluetooth speakers - amazing audio in small packages

Not everyone has the option of building a dedicated home theatre setup to enjoy sports. Some of us use our laptops and smartphones to catch the match whenever and wherever we can – which is exactly where a great Bluetooth speaker can be useful. Here are a couple of great picks.   

JBL Flip 4 16 Watts Bluetooth Speaker (Black) 

The JBL Flip 4 Capable of powerful stereo sound even in the small form factor, the Flip 4 is also durable enough to accompany you to an actual game of cricket – come rain or shine. You don’t have to worry about disconnecting the speaker to receive a call as the unit comes with a noise-cancelling microphone. However, most importantly, the JBL Flip 4 sounds great and can bring a great audio experience to the World Cup viewing sessions, and you’ll never feel like going back to onboard speakers ever again.   

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker (Stone) 

Don’t let its size fool you – the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom can pack a bigger punch than many larger counterparts. An all-round speaker with a 360-degree sound, the Wonderboom is also great for a sports experience. Maybe you won’t get the surround experience of a home theatre, but the Wonderboom can make up for it with its portability and toughness. The Wonderboom can tag along with you anywhere, hanging from your bag with the inbuilt hanging loop, never letting you miss out even on a second of that match.   
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