Before you move on to reading the rest of this story, take a moment to remember all that delicious, crispy, crunchy bacon. Okay, now let’s move on and give thanks for all that other ‘Bacon’ in our lives (you vegetarians will like this too!). Here are 5 Bacons from the world of pop culture we love, which deserve their own special day to get some love:  

Kevin Bacon

kevin bacon "Say hi to your mom for me"

The Footloose star is at the centre of a very peculiar phenomenon in Hollywood. In 1994, a couple of Albright scholars in the United States got together and came up with a game they called The Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon. The basic premise is that everyone in Hollywood can be connected to the prolific Bacon. Don’t believe us? Consult The Oracle Of Bacon to see for yourself. At first the actor wasn’t too happy with the game, but he’s come around and has even founded a charitable foundation, Six Degrees, which helps to connect celebrities to causes. Which makes us wonder – is there anything that Kevin Bacon isn’t connected to?  

Bring Home The Bacon

bring home the bacon "You'll do, pig, you'll do"

The writer of this idiom deserves a slap on the back for firmly pushing the word into the English lexicon. School kids everywhere have learnt this phrase in essay writing class and as adults have accepted that they must bring home the bacon so they can take that next solo trip to Leh. And who other than our Lord and Saviour Bacon can do that for us?  

Bacon, Nick Jonas ft. Ty Dolla $ign

nick jonas bacon Nick Jonas uses the tears of his haters to salt his bacon

We’re still not sure whether this song is about sex or just plain old bacon. Given Nick Jonas’ adoring audience, we can’t be too sure, but the real clue is in the rap verse, by Ty Dolla $ign, that’s ridiculously sexually explicit. Whatever the song is about, we love it and can’t understand why someone wouldn’t like a song about eggs and bacon. Unless you’re David Cameron.  

Sir Francis Bacon

sir francis bacon "I practically invented proper scientific method. What have you done with your life?"

If you aren’t sure who Sir Francis Bacon is, here’s a brief – he’s THE scientist. He has been credited with being the ‘Father of scientific method.’ And when he wasn’t doing that he was a philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator, and author (phew!). Apart from being the Lord Chancellor of England in his spare time, of course. This great man was a serious overachiever and is single-handedly responsible for establishing the scientific framework that we have depended upon as a civilization to bring us into the modern era.  

Bae (Bacon And Eggs)

Bae bacon Oh, the things I want to do to you, bae...

This is what Bae stands for, right? I mean, I can’t think of any other reason for the expression to have gained this much popularity otherwise. Wait, let me show you what I mean: “I love you, bae” “Come get it: bae” Makes sense, right?


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