There are a lot of whimsical reasons to avoid working out and one of them is not having enough space at home. When you live in a small apartment, you get used to making it functional in every possible way. Your living room becomes your bedroom at night, you get used to chopping your vegetables sitting on the couch and you probably dine sitting on your bed watching Netflix. But when it comes to exercising, the truth is you do not need a lot of area to carry out some powerful workouts. A little floor space is all you need to place your mat and get started.

There are a lot of Youtube videos that experts have made to help you with small space workouts. Here are some of favourite ones that you can try out right away.

20 min home HIIT workout by Natacha Océane

London based fitness expert, Natacha Océane, introduces you to her 20 mins HIIT workout. With 5 exercises, each performed for 30 secs followed by 30 secs rest, 4 times, you get a complete workout dose. With no equipments required and no noise or impact, this is perfect to be performed at home, even in a small space.

Tabata workout for small space by Miwa.Training

This Tabata session is one of the best small space workouts to try out. Introduce yourself to a new way of approaching fitness with exercises that will help you move and stretch intensely. With focus on chest, legs, back and core, this 19 mins training session makes you push your limits and achieve more.

Fat Burning HIIT workout by The Body Coach

Choose fitness everyday with The Body Coach. In this video, he gives you his 20 min HIIT workout, perfect for fat burning. The best part about this exercise is that it can be done in a small apartment or a hotel room with limited space availability. All you need is determination yo get started with this.

Total body weight training by Joanna Soh

Joanna Soh proves that weightlifting is not the only way to do strength training. You can do so by just using your bodyweight too. With no equipment, this workout regime lasts for 20 mins and is ideal to be done in small spaces. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, this one is surely going to be on your favourites list.

Dorm room 30 min Yoga with Adriene

If you prefer yoga over high intensity workouts, then join in the ‘dorm room sequence’ by Adriene. Here you not just find a small space and make it functional but create a haven to connect your mind body and soul through the practice of yoga.

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