If your employer is giving you a measly bonus, pray that all that profit is going towards the new gym HR has been promising to invest in. Countless studies – conducted by everyone from the good doctors at the Mayo Clinic to researchers at Harvard—have proved time and again that exercising before or after work hours can help you cope better with stress. Here’s how:

It Boosts Your Mood

One bad meeting, one critical remark from your boss can cause emotional turmoil that can lead to a bad mood throughout the day. Exercise prompts your body’s endorphins to kick in, and these “feel good” hormones can improve your mood within minutes. Regular exercise can regulate your mood and mental health in the long run, which will eventually help shield you against stress.

It Lowers Anxiety

Worrying too much — about meetings, achieving targets and other work-related issues—can also cause stress. When you work out, you begin to refocus your thoughts on the exercise you’re performing, rather than on all those negative thoughts racing around in your mind. This gives your brain a much-needed break, after which you can concentrate on your problem with a fresh perspective and confidence and find a solution.   Like this article? Also read: Tuesday #FitSpiration: Get off Your Ass And Work Up A Sweat  

It Improves Memory and Concentration

Regular exercise improves your ability to process thoughts and reasoning, learn new stuff and boosts memory. Studies also show that office-goers who exercise more often experience improved ability to concentrate and make complex decisions. #JustSaying

It Energises You

Working out in the morning or mid-afternoon may seem more like an energy drainer than a booster, but the truth is that once you get into a routine, these sessions will actually feel less tiresome and you’ll be mentally and physically prepared for them every day. The more you exercise, the stronger you will get, thus making you feel less fatigued and stressed.

It Helps You Sleep Better

Lack of sleep can cause of stress—and it works vice versa too. Stress can cause you to lose sleep. It’s a vicious cycle, and working out may be that one activity that will help you break it. A good workout session during the day or even later, after work, helps you sleep better. This in turn helps you wake up to a fresh new beginning.


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