It’s raining, It’s pouring, The old man is snoring… but all you’re trying to do is get to work not looking like you just took part in the freakin’ Ice Bucket Challenge. So forget style; on rainy days, you’d be thankful if you can make it to the office even half decent. Well, we’re about to turn your frown upside down, and if we succeed completely, maybe even get you to love this wet weather. We’ve compiled a handy checklist for literally every working girl to cling on to for dear life (that is if you want to be dry and gorgeous by the time you get to work). Prints

Prints Charming

Lay the colour blocking to rest this monsoon, and go crazy with prints. Bold, high-impact prints are as low-maintenance as they come. In fact, they’re a genius way to camouflage a little dampness, don’t you think? Pants

No Pants Please

We’re totally trading in our denims and trousers for skirts, dresses, and if the office allows, playsuits in easy-dry fabrics. There’s just one law for survival: Nothing below the knee. Raincoat

The Raincoat

Not the ‘back to school’ish kind. We’re sold on the belted knee-length raincoat; a real statement maker! Solid colour or printed, it doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got yourself covered. Shoes  

Chic Footwear

We’re not asking you to ruin your precious pumps, nor are we suggesting those hole-ridden sandals through which a little dignity leaks out every time you wear them. But a chic pair of waterproof footwear can ensure you bring your A-game to work. Make-up

Bare-essentials Make-up

Ain’t nobody got time for bleeding lipstick and smudged eyeliner! Waterproof mascara and tinted lip balm are all you need to get through a rainy day. PS: We swear by our pack of beauty blotters to keep the shine off and the face fresh all day. Hair

No-heat, Natural Hairstyles

Forget straightening and curling irons; you need to learn just two fail-proof rainy day hairstyles: the headband tuck and the braided bun. They’ll get you through the wettest days, we promise. And you can thank us later. Images courtesy