Working from home can be quite comfortable for most of us, but it can also be very distracting. You may have little ones playing around the house, your family may need your help with some chores, or you might just find yourself taking one too many snack breaks because you're feeling unfocused. However, if you adhere to a few key strategies and build a solid routine, you might be able be more efficient about your work from home routine. Here are a few tips that may help you organise your time better to stay focused and productive.

Build A Routine

Since you no longer have to spend time commuting to your workplace, you probably have much more spare time on your hands than earlier. However, we recommend you don't skip your morning routine. Do whatever it is that you did to kick start your day on a positive note. As dissuading as it may sound, getting out of your pyjamas and getting dressed is vital to staying productive. Your outfit does not have to be as formal as when you dress up for the office, so choose something you might wear for a casual day out. This practice is sure to set you up for the day ahead. Planning your to-do list for the day is also beneficial in multiple ways.  

Create A Designated Work Space

While most of us may want to work from our beds itself, a desk with a good chair is always a better option. Not only will it help you change your mindset, but also helps maintain good posture. If possible, turn one room in your house into your home office, or set up a desk in a corner. Keep your laptop, notebook and some basic essentials around, along with some healthy snacks and a bottle of water.

Don't Forget About Your Breaks

Our workplaces always keep us moving, whether it's because we're getting up from our desks to answer a call, attending a meeting, or heading over to your colleague's desk for a quick chat. However, when you work from home, you may find yourself stay stuck in one place. To avoid this, get up after a regular time interval and be as mobile as possible. To break the monotony, you can probably slip in a quick yoga or meditation session. Try to do some basic stretches from time to time as well to prevent lethargy. Alternatively, you can also look out of the window as you sip on a hot cuppa—it's the best time to start appreciating the little things around us.

Maintain A Balance

Now that your home is also your workplace, you may feel like you're always working. However, having a work-life balance is as important as when you're at home as it is when you're at the office. Let your family know about your working hours, and make sure to shut off your laptop at a designated time every evening. This will make it easy for you to focus on your family, and might also help you lend a helping hand with some household chores. You can also use this extra time to exercise and get those endorphins running, or to learn a new skill. It might be tempting to catch up on those movies you have on your watch list, but it isn't advisable to spend all your free time in front of a screen.

Stay connected

Efficient communication is a priority when you're working remotely. Make sure to keep in touch with your company, your team and your colleagues. This will not only help you stay on top of any updates, but will also help you plan your day better. Don't forget to check in with your friends and family from time to time as well.   Image courtesy: Shutterstock