Wave your hands in the air if you agree with me; normal is boring. Don’t we all find ourselves secretly inclined to the crazy ones, the rule breakers and risk takers? They’re often seen creating memorable works of art, be it music, literature or even fashion. On the occasion or Wonderful Weirdos Day, we pay homage to six such individuals who’ve stirred the sartorial world with their ingenuity and sheer eccentricity.  

Frieda Kahlo

Freida This surrealist folk artist’s self-portraits have inspired generations altogether. The unmistakable unibrow, the braided updo with flowers and an eclectic mix of prints, Freida was known to live a life of recluse but her work reflects strength and power.  

David Bowie

Bowie The reddish brown hair, the OTT costumes and electrifying stage antics were all a part of Bowie’s charm, making him one of the most revered pop icons of all time. With all the mystery surrounding his sexuality, he gave androgyny a role model, and remains one till date.  

 Lady Gaga

lady gaga Some think she was born this way, but this powerful pop icon has redefined weirdness with her outfit choices. Be it the meat dress or bringing Kermit as his plus one to the red carpet, she is as weird as can be, but a fabulous entertainer nonetheless.  

Rei Kawakubo

Rei kawakubo This Japanese fashion designer’s anti-fashion approach to fashion was the start of a new movement, one where the line between art and fashion was blurred and clothes became a medium to emote and express, rather than fit form and flatter.  

Alexander McQueen

Mcqueen Who can forget Raquel Zimmerman lying naked on sand with snakes on her body as the opening act of his show?  McQueen loved to stir controversy, and it loved him right back, following him unto his death. His designs will always remain as one of the strongest pieces fashion has ever seen.  

Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi 1 This Japanese painter and writer came into the sartorial limelight when she collaborated with Louis Vuitton, lending her eclectic polka dot patterns to their garments. Her installations and artworks are displayed across the globe at various museums and at 87, she continues to create magic with her conceptual art.