Despite its reputation for being a boys-only club, the ‘Silicon Valleys’ of the world are run by more women than you’d think. The gender gap in the tech industry is slowly but steadily closing in as women in tech make their presence felt. From tech start-up entrepreneurs to developers, programmers, technical testers and all the important IT positions, women have proved that they KNOW technology and LOVE it too. We speak to 4 such ‘women in tech’ about their drive for technology and their tech dependables.

Aditi Chaurasia

Aditi Chaurasia For Aditi, it is the scalability that comes with tech that most interests her. She believes tech is changing the life of people. From health to work, technology is everywhere. It makes corporate life easy and it aids better communication internally and internationally too.

Go-To Gadgets

Fitbit: I use it to keep checking with my health as I am health freak. iPhone and MacBook: They help keep my work on track. iPhone is my favourite among all, it does almost everything for me. From managing health to shopping, managing finance to booking flights, everything! Headphones: They aid while doing meditation or morning walks.  

Pratiksha Shetty

pratiksha shetty Pratiksha loves the fact that there is so much more to learn every day in this industry. She thinks with endless innovations and technical advancements around, it gives her the opportunity to keep getting better at what interests her.

Go-To Gadgets

Earphones: I really love listening to music and I cannot do without my earphones. Laptop: I work from home sometimes and my laptop is a must have. Mobile phone: Most online activities I manage on my phone and I cannot do without it.  

Aarti Khedekar

Aarti Khedekar Aarti likes challenging work and she’s very clear that she can only get her skills met with in tech companies.

Go-To Gadgets

Mobile: Now mobile is a 4th necessity for a human after air, water and food. Headphone: Being music a lover, I cannot live without my headphones. Microwave Oven: It is an all-in-one kitchen gadget for a working woman and it makes my life easier.  

Sahiti Kollur

Sahiti The best part about working in Tech for Sahiti is that she gets to interact with techies from all over the world. She likes being part of this industry because it gives her the opportunity to make her own ideas come true.

Go-To Gadgets

Portable Charger: A portable charger makes life easy. I carry it along wherever I travel so that my phone does not run out of power. Portable Wifi Modem: This helps me get faster bandwidth so that I can draft high priority mails and attend client calls whenever I am travelling. Tab: I cannot carry a laptop wherever I am going, though I can carry a Tab which works the same as my Laptop.  

Shubha Gokhale

Shubha Gokhale Shubha who has spent 36 years in the tech industry claims technology fires up her grey cells into creating super-efficient software which control almost all IoT gadgets.

Go-To Gadgets

Laptop: It gets you to work almost anywhere. Coffee machine: It keeps me on my toes. Mobile phone: Its the 4th basic necessity in life.