The gender gap in the tech industry is being called out for its stereotypical bias. Long ago technology was a male-dominant territory but today women have made their mark as techies in all sectors of the IT industry. From coders, to developers, programmers and founders of tech start-ups, there’s a strong female presence in those previously testosterone-laden IT brigades.

If you’re an aspiring woman in tech, you probably know that hard work is key to getting you started but with it you’ll need to grasp every opportunity that comes your way too. As the minority gender between the two, you need to overcome your fears and weaknesses and learn to ask questions to develop your skills. It takes a woman who’s been there, done that, to know what it takes to be a woman in tech.

From picking the right mentor to trusting your own gender and more, these women share their techie wisdom with every other woman out there aspiring to become part of this every-advancing and innovating industry.