A lot of good movies are best remembered because of their winter-time setting. This season provides the best backdrop for all kinds of movies, right from those heart-warming romantic comedies to those spine-chilling horrors and thrillers. Watching these winter movies in winter, adds a certain charm to them. So whether it's because of the second coming of the ice age (outside) or because you just want to stay in, here are some winter-theme movies you can enjoy tucked inside a warm and cosy blanket.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Winter calls for a classic and what better movie to choose than Meg Ryan and Tom Hank’s You’ve Got Mail. Two people meet in a chat room, share their secrets and fall in love. The story maybe a little predictable but it’s warm, funny and smart and has Meg and Tom who share some really great onscreen chemistry. Also Read: 5 TV Shows that Are Worth Streaming in 4K Right Now

Everest (2015)

This movie is a compelling true life story of an ill-fated trek to Mount Everest. This is a disaster movie, so brace yourself for a lot of action scenes based in an extremely hostile environment with snow storms and avalanches.

Hugo (2011)

Hugo is a perfect holiday season master-piece by Academy Award-wining director Martin Scorsese. It follows the journey of an orphan called Hugo Cabret in Paris in 1931, who lives in the walls of a train station trying to unwrap a mystery involving his late father. It is a family film that can be best enjoyed with everyone around on one of those cold nights.

Blue Jay (2016)

Set in mellow monochrome tones, this movie is about childhood lovers who meet by chance as adults and take a walk down memory lane. It is a winter romance that is simple, beautiful and honest.

A Death in the Gunj (2016)

The movie is set in the winter of 1979. The story is about Shuntu who goes on a vacation to McCluskiegunj with his self-involved relatives and friends. The subtle story unfolds generously for the big climax. The movie is a beautiful slice of life film cum thriller. Also Read: MAMI: Indian Films to Watch Out For at the Film Festival

Hanna (2011)

Hanna is an action-packed thriller about a 16-year old girl who has been living with her father in a snow-covered forest. She is being trained to be an assassin by her father for a much greater ploy, which unravels as the movie progresses.

Corpse Bride (2005)

Corpse bride is a Gothic animated romance by Tim burton. It’s a delightful macabre of an undead bride and her still-breathing husband. The gloomy setting perfectly captures the winter mood but in a compelling sort of way.

Lucky – No Time for Love (2005)

Digging way back, here’s a movie from 2005 that made for an extraordinary Bollywood romance flick back then since it was placed in snowy Russia. The movie features two lovers struggling against the background of a local uprising in Chechnya. It captures some lovely snow covered landscapes and cultural iconography in Russia. Also Read: Ask Me How: To Style A Basic Sweater The best way to enjoy these movies on those cold winter nights is to stream them on your big screen TV. Check out some large screen smart TVs from below.