Ready or not, the next pit stop for the Baleno Wicked Weekends is coming up. The intercity indie music party is being headlined by Dualist Inquiry at Bonobo in Mumbai this weekend. Fans of Sahej Bakshi, the electronica-meets-guitar-based-rock music producer and DJ who’s helming the Dualist Inquiry solo project, will already have heard and loved his last single Lumina; others will have seen him open for David Guetta, Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx, KOAN Sound and English electronic duo, Hexstatic. As he prepares for his Wicked Weekend, we catch up with Bakshi to talks about the music that moves him   One hot, new number you’ll be playing at Baleno Wicked Weekend? Divide - It’s a song from my new album. It's a no-nonsense song that says "It's time to start moving".   One song you play to rescue the dance floor? Isoterra – it’s one of my own songs from my album Doppelganger (2013). It never fails to get people up and moving.  

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  A song you’d play at your best friend’s wedding? I'd play A Beautiful Life by Gui Boratto. It's an instrumental song that sets the vibe for a beautiful life.   The song that got you out of bed this morning? Berlin by Modeselektor   A song that describes Mumbai best is… The Bombay theme by AR Rahman   An artist we’d find on your playlist right now... Porter Robinson. I’ve been listening to all his new material for the last few years, and really like it because it's fresh, and a departure from commercial EDM.   Your best experience while performing has been… At the legendary NCPA in Mumbai. I was playing my new album Dreamcatcher there and it's hands down the best Indian venue I've ever played at. I had all my collaborators performing with me, so it was quite special.   Dualist Inquiry will be playing at the Baleno Wicked Weekend at Bonobo, Bandra (W) on Saturday, October 22 at 9pm.


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