It seems incredible that we are writing this but seriously, you’d be daft not to go to the UK right now. After the Brits decided to vote to leave the European Union (which is what Brexit means, BTW), there has been a lot of uncertainly in the country. Even their football team lost momentum and froze against the Icelandic team during this year’s Euro Cup. To play or not to play, that is the question, their coach supposedly told them. Well, we’re listing five top reason why you should consider that trip to the UK now and like we said, don’t be daft about it. Just go ahead and book your tickets!  

It’s All About the Money

brexit pound crash

I travelled to the United Kingdom for six weeks last year. Then I came back and paid my salary to my credit card for six months. #TrueStory. The culprit was the high-flying pound that was trading at Rs 102 before Brexit. Today, you can buy one pound for Rs 88.88. I cannot tell you how big an impact this will have on your travels. By inching closer to the Euro, the Sterling Pound seems to be facing an existential crisis. So take advantage of the exchange rate last seen in the early 2000s.  

Getting Visas May Be Easier

Brexit visa

Experts predict that citizens from ‘high-spending economies’ like India and China may be able to obtain visas more easily, in an effort to sustain the country’s economy to deal with its divorce with the EU. So if you have been worried that your UK visa will get denied then this might be the best time to score one. Their need for your rupees is greater than yours to visit their country for a change.  

You’ll Get Better Deals

Brexit deals

In a climate of uncertainly, businesses and attractions are expected to roll out all sorts of deals. Plus, entry to museum exhibits (explore the ones at the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum), places of interest (the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral) and even eating out will be cheaper because of the drop in the pound.  

You Can Enjoy That Famous British Sense of Humour

Brexit humour

Known for their stiff upper lip, the British are finally loosening to their tongue to express their sentiments over Brexit. Just see how angrily John Oliver rips apart politicians like David Cameron, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson over Brexit on Last Week Tonight if you want to see what I am talking about. Whether it is through another round of referendums or jokes on national leaders, this is a great time to catch the mood of a country on the brink of change.


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