It’s not just you who hasn’t switched on the TV in weeks but continues to pay the cable bill. There’s more of us too, a study claims so. Accenture conducted an online survey of 26,000 consumers across 26 countries and found that people have begun to watch TV shows on their laptops, desktops and smartphones instead of their TV. Over the past year there has been a dip of people watching shows on TV to 23 percent from 52 percent. And it’s not just TV shows, people showed similar interests with sports too. The TV still continues to be the centre of all things in a room but we no longer consume it the traditional way, here’s why.

The rise of video streaming apps

Video-on-demand (VOD) has gained immense popularity in the last one year. We no longer have to rely on a TV channel or torrents for popular English TV shows. With Netflix, Prime Videos and Hotstar, we can access them almost as soon as they release globally.

Stream local TV shows too

Sappy Indian television dramas are now available on video streaming apps too. All the latest episodes of ongoing TV serials and even some old ones can be accessed on apps like Hotstar and Voot. Most of these shows don’t require a premium membership either. So, you’re basically watching the same TV shows for free and at your own will.

Better costs

A month of cable connection will cost you anything over Rs 500 a month. While apps like Hotstar costs Rs 250 a month, Amazon Prime Videos is Rs 500 a year (plus the Amazon Prime subscription) and Voot is pretty much free. When you compare the worth between a cable connection and a video-on-demand subscription, you’ll find that the latter is much better.

Entertainment wherever and whenever you want

You no longer have to rush from work to catch MasterChef at 9 pm every evening. Watch it on your smartphone or laptop on your way home while you stream it. The same goes with Cricket matches. Just because you’re at work, doesn’t mean you can’t catch up on an important game. Watch it LIVE on your phone through Cricket TV Live or Hotstar or similar apps and websites dedicated to it. We’ve come a long way since families gathered around TVs to watch a show or match together. Easy access to such content on your other devices has rendered the TV’s original role pointless. The only way to make the most of your TV is to update it to a smarter version of itself. Also Read: How to Make the Most Of Your TV In 2017