Your Uber driver is gonna be at his best behaviour because his Uber rating lies in your hand. But did you know that the same rule applies to you too? When your trip ends, it’s a mandatory process that both the driver and passenger rate each other. And all your future rides are then influenced by it. Not sure what we’re talking about? The same way you judge your driver based on his Uber rating, your driver judges you too. That means if you’re not quite the 5 or even a 4-star passenger, your driver may second think taking up your request. And that can be the bane of your existence when your running late for work on a Monday morning! People who know this make it their personal agenda to keep up their ratings to above 4.6 at all times, which is not an easy task. Remember that one time you gave your Uber driver one less star because he wouldn’t stop sneezing? How does it feel to know that he could do the same to you too? This system was created so that everyone involved will adhere to high and fair standards at all times. Now that you know why it matters, go check your own Uber rating, hurry! Uber Here’s how you check it.

From app:

Open the app on your smartphone. Go to the profile icon on the top left and hit help. From there, tap the account option and choose I'd like to know my rating. And submit. You should soon get an email from Uber about your rating.

From website:

Sign in through your Uber account and head to the help page, then tap on Accounts and Payments. Under Account Settings and Ratings choose I'd like to know my rating. Open the page and tap submit. Your rating will instantly be displayed on the same page. You should also get an email about your it soon. If it’s a good score (anything over 4.6) you won’t have any unnecessary trouble finding a cab. But in case it’s not a good rating, you might want to improve that. Here’ are a few ways to do so.
  1. Choose an apt pick up location so that the Uber driver can arrive without any confusion and park calmly till you make it to your ride.
  2. Don’t make the driver wait for long. No one likes that.
  3. Don’t take the ‘cancel your ride’ option for granted.
  4. Don’t do things to piss them off like stop a million times on the way or pack in too many people.
  5. Don’t dirty their car.
  6. Don’t slam doors.
  7. While using UberPool, comply to the rules. When you’re sharing the car with a fellow passenger, your driver has the autonomy to choose the routes.
  8. Some drivers may not like pets in the car.
  9. If you go shopping, don’t count on him to carry your bags. He’s not a porter.
  10. Talk to them with respect.
So are you a good passenger or a bad one? Cover Image Courtesy:; Image Courtesy: