Let's admit it, we all look up to fashion magazines and social media for the latest trends and beauty hacks even though they might be totally ridiculous at times. Rule books could definitely make you go crazy by giving you a list of those "must-have" products every month which you unwillingly fall for. Well, rules are meant to be broken and who makes up these rules anyway? If you love something from last season, wear it, no matter what Instagram tells you! With Women's Day just around the corner, we spoke to two industry professionals about Fashion and Beauty rules they would love to see Indian women breaking. After all, it's #WhateverCliqsForYou that matters the most. anushka stylist
  • Everyone always says wearing black in the day is a complete no-no but if you're into it, don't let anyone stop you. Add a pop coloured accessory and it'll make for a fab spring look.
  •  A cocktail dress with sneakers could look more bad-ass than those predictable stilettos.
  •    It's cool to repeat. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  •  Wearing a dress you picked out from the basic section at a store to a formal outing might seem like the wrong fit. But if you have the right accessories on, you can't go wrong.
  •  If you're into the '90s choker trend, don't spend your $$$ on those plain black chord necklaces. Your shoelaces work just as well.
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  • Salon shaped brows are a big hit among Indian women which could often lead to excessive threading. Instead, tweeze your brows at home and fill them in when required.
  • Moisturizer is absolutely important. Don't believe in the myth that people with oily skin do not need moisturizer. Invest in the right type and your skin will thank you for it.
  • Get rid of the stereotyped belief that kohl or kajal makes your eyes look brighter. Instead, be open to experimentation and don't feel uncomfortable while you try on a new look. For brighter eyes, use a lash curler and mascara and see the difference.
  •  Don't get the wrong shade of foundation as a means to look fairer. Get your perfect match and embrace the skin you're in.
  • Don't fall for popular trends like strobing and contouring blindly. Follow a makeup routine that works for you.
  • Expensive skin care doesn't necessarily mean better skin and sunscreen with higher SPF doesn't mean better sun protection.
  So ladies, don't let popular fashion and beauty trends try and overwhelm you. Be open to experimentation and most importantly, it's all about feeling good and comfortable. Like this article? Also read: #WhateverCLiQs: Lessons in Getting Comfortable in Your Skin Image Courtesy: Shutterstock