The world of animals, birds and insects is a fascinating one. There’s something innately interesting about seeing a lion stalk its prey, a black widow spider killing its mate, and one dinosaur battling another. Most of us, while having been on safari, have rarely encountered these animals in action. However, with the advent of knowledge channels such as Animal Planet, National Geographic and History Channel, we’ve all learnt so much more. Now we can see them close-up, along with expert commentary and brilliant camera shots Here, we’ve picked the best animal TV shows currently on the so-called ‘idiot box’.  

Africa’s Deadliest

Channel: National Geographic Wild Airtime details: Click Here This two-season, nine-episode show takes you deep inside the African jungles to see the most dangerous wildlife. This show is not for the faint-hearted; its description on the website says: “In every habitat, there are a handful of animals that have evolved together over millennia to become masters of each other's destruction: predators honed by time into the perfect killers of their victims, despite every anti-predatory adaptation Nature fights back with.” From giant killers like elephants and rhinos to gang killers and deadly cats, you’ll find them all here.  

World’s Weirdest

Channel: National Geographic Airtime details: Click Here This is a fascinating five-episode series, which features the most strange and freaky behaviours of creatures across the globe. Did you know that there were hermaphrodite tapeworms in the ocean that battled among themselves to decide which of them would be male or female? Or how about dancing manikins that bust out the moonwalk to impress the ladies? And a land creature that fends off its prey by squirting blood from its eyeballs? Definitely one of the weirdest TV shows out there.  

Biggest And Baddest

Channel: Animal Planet Airtime details: Click Here As the name suggests, show host Niall McCann goes in search of the biggest, baddest creatures in the world and works with people who have encountered them. Get set to see him find elephants, crocodiles, hogs, birds and even an anaconda on each 60-minute episode. This is animal viewing at its best.  

Gangland Killers

Channel: Animal Planet Airtime details: Click Here Ever heard of predators who operate in gangs, much like the Italian mafia? You’ll learn about them in this show. The four episodes feature young lion, hyena, hippo and mongoose gangs that attack their prey and features some of the most awe-inspiring footage ever seen on TV shows.  

Jurassic Fight Club

Channel: History Channel Airtime details: Monday to Friday, 6pm  This palaeontology-based TV show is hosted by George Blasing, a self-taught dinosaur expert. The 12-episode series features a study of the battles of prehistoric creatures, including dinosaurs, before they went extinct. Fossil evidence is behind the fight scenes created by the palaeontologists, which consists of CGI rendering and historical analysis. The last episode, Armageddon, explains the extinction of the dinosaurs.


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