Gone are the days when we used to depend on our science teachers to teach us how things worked. We’ve come a long way from looking stuff up in encyclopaedias and listening to lab teachers wearing thick eyeglasses. Today, television can be a great tool for learning and development, not just for kids but for adults too. Want to understand the physics of electronics? Switch on Discovery Science. Wondering what else is out there in the cosmos? Go to National Geographic. With so many options out there, it can be a little confusing to know what to watch. We’ve handpicked the best science TV shows out there. Happy learning!  

How It’s Made

Channel: Discovery Science Airtime details: Click here This Canadian documentary series first aired on the Discovery Channel in Canada all the way back in 2001. The half-hour show tells you how common things such as clothes, guitars, snowboards, and even bubble gum, are manufactured. The format does not include an on-screen host – there’s just a humorous voiceover that explains things in an interesting and entertaining manner. Being science nerds ourselves, we find it fascinating to see the creation of these things. Currently, Discovery Science is airing the 5th season of the show.  

Science Of Stupid

Channel: National Geographic Airtime details: Click here Whoever said science can’t be funny? This series shows videos of failed stupid stunts performed by normal people and then explains the science behind them. While the UK version is hosted by Richard Hammond, the Indian one is currently on Season 3 and is hosted by Manish Paul. Torque, gravity, Newton’s laws, velocity, kinetic energy and rotation are just some of the scientific principles addressed on the show. If adrenaline and science are your thing, this show is a must-watch!  

Backyard Science

Channel: Da Vinci Learning Airtime details: Click here Science shows are not just reserved for adults – this kids’ series takes science out of the classroom and, literally, into your own backyard. Kids will learn easy, practical scientific experiments as well as activities that they can safely perform themselves. Originally an Australian educational children’s show, it is based on the Dorling Kindersley books and is bound to catch your kids’ fancy.  

Super Human

Channel: History Channel Airtime details: Fridays, 10pm This three-season American documentary series follows contortionist Daniel Browning Smith, also known as the most flexible man in the world, across the globe to see real-life ‘super humans’, who are people with extraordinary physical or mental abilities, and uncovers the science behind their ‘gift’. Each episode has four such people and talks about the science-backed secrets behind their abilities. Created by comic book superhero creator Stan Lee, this is one series you’ll be remiss to miss.  

Magic Of Science

Channel: Discovery Science Airtime details: Monday to Friday, 8pm  Just as Super Human showcases humans who have extraordinary abilities, Magic Of Science features rising magicians who put their magnificent tricks on display, and then reveal the science behind it. While we all know that there is some form of science involved behind every magic trick, this show uncovers how the magicians create their incredible illusions and make science look like magic.


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