Envision this: You’re out shopping when your fitness band vibrates discreetly on your wrist. It’s to signal the completion of your daily activity goal of 10,000 steps. Buoyed by your accomplishment, you forge on. Just then, it beeps again, alerting you to a notification on your phone – apparently, someone is at your door! You pull up the live video feed on your smartphone only to see it’s just your maid coming back to finish some chores. You buzz her in through the front door right from your app and quickly checking the status of your succulents in the biopod, talk to her through the video intercom and ask her to water them. Satisfied, you go on to finish your shopping. Welcome to Connected Care.

Connected Care

All of this is well within the realm of possibility today thanks to a category of smart products we call Connected Care. Connected Care is a collection of smart gadgets that are designed to take care of your needs such as home security, health monitoring and even smart pet upkeep. You can monitor things that you care about right from your phone and even interact with them to some extent like letting someone in through the door or adjusting the temperature of your biopod. Here are some examples of Connected Care gadgets.


One of the marquee product types in the Connected Care category, security is one of the easiest things in your home you can automate.

With locks that can let authorised individuals in with just their fingerprints to motion-activated cameras that record only when something moves to even sensors that alert you when a particular window is opened, you can stay abreast of any and all developments happening in your home even when you are away. Homemate has a variety of products designed around security like WiFi-enabled Door sensors that alert you to an opened door.

Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables, as the name suggests, are smart gadgets that are intended to be worn upon your person. They have multiple uses, for instance, tracking various vital signs such as heartbeat, serving as an easier way to check your notifications, acting as a more convenient interface for controlling media playback, and even a contactless payment method. Wearables are versatile gadgets that usually come in either of two forms – fitness bands and smartwatches. Although there have been fitness rings and pendants as well, they haven’t seen too much success.

Fitness bands are focused more on tracking your walking and exercise routines along with collecting other health-related data like heart rate and sleep patterns. Smartwatches are all about being an extension of your smartphone on your wrist, allowing you to answer calls, view and interact with notifications and if equipped with LTE capabilities, even give you the ability to leave your phone at home when you go to the gym or for a run. There is no dearth of options to choose from this space – Garmin, Amazfit, Fitbit, Xiaomi and many more companies offer both fitness trackers and smartwatches at a variety of price points to suit every need.


Biopods are smart enclosures for growing plants. They are fitted with various sensors that are directly connected to your smartphone. You can keep an eye on real-time soil moisture content, water oxygen levels, temperature as well as monitor live video on your microhabitat. What’s more, you can just tell the app what you wish to grow within the enclosure and the microhabitat will automatically adjust itself to the optimum values needed for that particular species of plant that’s drawn from over 50 years of historical and biological data. You can also schedule automatic misting and watering so that you can safely leave your plants unmonitored without worrying. The Biopod will also warn you in advance about any parameter that is dropping to facilitate quicker remedies and make sure your plants continue thriving. There are 4 different Biopod models each aimed at replicating a different environment – the Aqua, Aqua II, Terra and the Eden. Learn more about them here

Air Purifier

As India barrels towards becoming a superpower, an inevitable consequence is a drastic rise in pollution. More and more people are packed into cities nowadays with personal vehicles that all belch out smoke, not to mention all the industries on the outskirts adding their contributions to the mix. The very air we breathe has become polluted to a large extent. This is why investing in a smart purifier is a good idea. One such model is the Phillips AC3259 Air purifier. It will automatically scan the air for allergens and pollutants and change its settings accordingly to maintain air quality levels. You can control it remotely, schedule on and off, pull up a graphic chart of what exactly is being filtered out of the air inside of your house and a comparison to the air outside and the machine even gives you advice on managing your exposure to certain allergens! Here is where you can find it.

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