There are plenty of apps out there in the Apple universe and many of them can be super useful but these are far from that. Some of these apps don’t even make sense and yet they will positively amaze the heck out of you. If there’s one word to describe them, it should be weird. These are some of the most bizarre Apple apps to have on your iOS gadgets.
Kawaii Assistant
kuawaii assistant Ever wanted an assistant in your lonesome existence to advice you or just interact with you every now and then. Then this Kawaii Assistant was probably made for people like you. The app brings to you Suki, your personal virtual Japanese assistant. You can ask her yes and no questions, play Rock, Paper and Scissors and give her gifts too. She speaks in Japanese but there’s a translation at the bottom of the screen. Suki is a great assistant to have just remember to treat her like a real lady and she will be helpful to you in return. Download Also Read: Battle of the Voice Assistants  
Hold the button
hold the button There couldn’t be a more meaningless way to kill time than while playing this game. As the name says, you need to hold onto a button on your iPhone screen and keep it there. Your timer starts once you hold the button and stops when you leave it, and that’s pretty much it. As worthless as this game might seem, if you think of it wisely, it is a great way to test your patience and willpower. Download  
Sounds annoying
sound annoying Life around is filled with a bunch of annoying sounds and if you’re feeling particularly risky and want to see if you can stand the test of annoyance, download this app. It comes with a series of noises including a crying baby, a dentist drill, burping and more such sounds of annoyance. Test it on your parents, kids, colleagues and partner to annoy the shit out of them too. Download  
Human to cat translator
cat translator Ever wanted your cat to listen to you instead of turning her back and snoozing every time you tried to speak to her? This Human to cat translator was created exactly for this purpose. To use it, press the record button and say what you want to convey to your cat. The app will then translate it in “cat” and play it back in meows. Who can tell for sure if this app works or not, either way you’ll finally be a little more interesting to your cat, even if it is for 10 seconds. Download Also Read: 6 Hacks to Cat-Proof Your Laptop  
Bubble Wrap
bubble wrap You never have to wait to buy or steal someone else’s bubble wrap ever again. This genius app brings to you all the bubble wrap so you can pop them for as long as you want. This bubble wrap simulator is a great stress managing mechanism. It comes with three fun modes where you can check how many bubbles you can pop in a minute, how fast you can pop 500 bubbles and how fast you can pop the entire bubble sheet. Download  
Sheep Counter
sheep counter Here’s an app that takes “counting sheep to help fall asleep” rather too seriously. If you suffer from insomnia or even a little lack of sleep, give this app a shot, who knows it might actually help. To use it you need to start up the sheep counter and watch the little fluffy lambs float serenely across your screen. Can you feel your eyelids getting heavy yet? Download Images via Apple Store