We’re smack dab in the middle of this year’s wedding season. If you’re on social media, it’s highly likely that you’ve already been inundated by a horde of engagement and wedding posts. You might like it or have had enough of it, but you can’t ignore the amount of effort it takes to plan and organise a wedding.

At any wedding, there are seemingly endless things to take care of – enough to exhaust even the most determined bride and groom. However, there’s one assistant that all of them have constantly by their sides – technology. This is not about drone photography or 3d printed cakes – we're talking about the technology that goes behind the scenes, helping the lucky couple enjoy the wedding without being bogged down by the planning. We reached out to people who have either tied the knot recently or are about to do so soon. Here’s what they had to say about technology’s role in their big day.

Communication & Co-ordination

If communication in our work and personal lives has changed with technology, how can weddings be any different? From instant messaging services to video calls, there are umpteen ways to stay in touch with your family and various vendors when you’re planning your wedding. “When thinking about where tech fits in my wedding planning, the first thing that comes to mind is WhatsApp and the 13261 groups for the occasion,” says Sharanya from Kolkata, “There are groups for extended family, friends, close friends, even one with just Soumya and I and our immediate family members. It is super useful to be able to be in constant touch with people along with the fact that there's a record that I can go back and read.”

Sharanya & Soumyajit

However, there’s more to these platforms than just texting. “I lived in a city far away from my hometown,” says Ratula Acharjee, from Bangalore. Currently an Account Manager at a PR firm in the city, she hails from Kharagpur in West Bengal. “During my wedding, one of the biggest problems I was anticipating was coordinating with my family. However, WhatsApp came to the rescue. From selecting my wedding sarees to choosing my invitation card and jewellery designs, everything was made possible with the great data connectivity in our country”.

Ratula & Santosh

While being in touch is enough, you need something more to plan and schedule various aspects like the guest list, multiple meetings with different people before the big date, and much more. “My mother and I have used Google sheets extensively for recording and organising invitees list, tasks, gifts, expenses, etc.” adds Sharanya, “I’ve also used Google calendar to manage appointments, meetings and more.”


One way to go about your wedding is to hand over the entire thing to a wedding planner. Another way you could do it is to research and plan everything yourself. It is the second one that’s indeed more interesting, but tasking at the same time. Fortunately, the internet comes with myriad platforms and solutions for every requirement you might have.

Poulami & Tuhin

“I wanted the best wedding dress for my big day, and YouTubers helped me find a magnificent lehenga shop in Delhi”, says Poulami Dey, “While I went there in person, they also WhatsApp their catalogue.” The software engineer from Mumbai has also planned a honeymoon trip abroad. “For deciding on a destination, travel influencers, as well as online reviews, were a big help. I used Skyscanner for deals on flight tickets and Airbnb for stays. In fact, after securing the accommodation, the host in another country immediately sent me digital documents that will be essential for securing a visa on time.”

Booking and Payments

Regardless of how early you’re booking the right vendors for your wedding, if you don’t pay them immediately, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the ones you want. However, it’s not an easy task carrying all that cash and meeting everyone personally. Digital payments couldn’t be any more essential to a modern wedding.

“For my wedding, I looked for the perfect photographers and makeup artists online,” says Poulami, “their social media profiles clarified the quality of their work, as well as feedback from previous clients. Once I had contacted them, quotes were shared over WhatsApp, payments completed over Google Pay and receipts were shared too!” Ratula adds, “The mobile wallet facility has really made our life simpler as vendors now accept money through various payment apps.”


A dedicated wedding photographer is as essential to a wedding these days as a wedding officiator. However, even the most skilled photographer can’t capture every memorable thing that happens at a wedding. This is perhaps what smartphone cameras were invented for.

“Phone cameras help capture even the smallest moments which usually are not recorded.” says Sharanya, “I love that a simple moment like when dad and I were working over a cup of tea has also been captured by someone. And now I have it as a snapshot forever.”

Human Touch

Despite every way in which technology can aid you, there’s nothing better than your own enthusiasm into every aspect of your wedding. “From my wedding day to my honeymoon, I have personally arranged and managed everything,” says Poulami Bala, Associate Manager from Gurgaon, “The rest of it has been all about human contact."

Poulami & Divyesh

"Being from a revenue background, I can manage money well. One might say that I used my phone for calling people, some excel sheets for budgeting – but that’s it." she adds, "And I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

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