The power of a good pair of sunglasses is only known when you wear one. You’ll see that your look transforms, your confidence levels up and it adds a defining layer to your personality. Fashion experts have always known how eyewear can elevate your ensemble, which is why it’s a must-have accessory for everyone who wants to add finesse to their look. Tata CLiQ’s recent eyewear launch goes beyond putting together good-looking sunglasses. Our stylists have curated a collection that is both fashionable and utilitarian. Ahead we share a sneak peek of our top picks. Go ahead, add to cart the ones that suit your personality the best.

Iconic Classics

Fashion trends will come and go, but what always remains trendy are classic styles. These are investment pieces you will always be proud of buying. What’s best is that they go well with all face shapes and compliment both casual and dressy looks. Some of the popular ones are Aviators and Wayfarers - evergreen and always stylish.

Sporty Smart

Streamlined, sporty sunglasses are the first choice for people who are involved in sports, And now you have more than one reason to buy these wraparound shades. Because beyond function, they are making strong entry into the world of fashion with their more modern, updated and stylish frames. So whether you are trying to keep away dust from your eyes while on your daily run or just want to add a statement piece to your weekend party look, a sporty pair is just what you need.

Rugged And Sturdy

If you love spending your time in the great outdoors, hiking up trails and exploring new adventures, your style would resonate our collection of rugged shades. Designed to perfection, to up your style game while providing UV protection and anti-reflection features, these shades are one of the most sought after styles of eyewear in 2020.

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