This season, a new wave of evolved shopping takes over. We take you behind the scenes and let you own not just the product but the stories of each. From the polka dot dress that takes you back to your freshers’ day in college to your sharp navy blue blazer that talks about your love for simplicity, your style is going to be an extension of your personal experiences. Excited much? Here’s a quick rundown of the stories to shop by this season.


Minimalism is self-expression. Let your love for minimalistic design spill into your everyday wardrobe. While for the rest it is a crisp white linen shirt for a brunch meet, for you its expressing your love for simplicity. A sleek black dress is a perfect pick for a boardroom meet, but for you its about feeling put-together with a clean silhouette.


Step back into reality with a throwback trend. Florals are a timeless print that’s revived every season. Only this time, its much more charming with a hint of vintage. Whether it takes you back to your campus days where you flaunted floral midi skirts or it brings back to you a warm fuzzy feeling of familiarity, nostalgia is all set to take you down the memory lane.


For the globe trotter who loves living up to every destination, a colourful flowy dress is so much more than just an on-trend style. It’s a fun day out on the streets of Paris or a date with your special one at the Eiffel. For the travel buff who must handle multiple layovers, athleisure is so much more than just travel wear. It’s about being comfortable and arriving in style no matter the destination.


We take you beyond shimmery party wear and embroidered ethnics into the stories that make each occasion special. From twirling at your best friend’s sangeet to creating memories of unlimited fun at your sister’s bachelorette, your outfit is a beautiful melange of the stories you live by.

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