Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t judging Gujju uncles and their dress sense. More power to uncles who like to do their own thing. But chances are you’re not one of them. If so, you might want to keep things a little in line with the trend.

When wearing florals, two things determine the success of the outfit- balance and confidence. We may not be able to help you with the latter, but you can make a head start on the former by considering these pointers.




Keep in mind that you are not a rain forest or a garden plant—or Ranveer Singh. You cannot flaunt florals with such reckless abandon, yet. Micro florals are a great place to start. You can graduate to larger patterns and statement prints as you grow more comfortable with the trend.




Hawaiian shirts are only good for the beach or at parties where everyone has already transcended to a higher plane. Since florals are usually a summer trend, cotton, linen, or any other light, breathable fabric are a good bet.
Dress shirts with floral prints are best worn with blazers or suits to pare down the sheen of the fabric. For winter, cardigans and pullovers can work if you pick a simple and minimalist patterns.




As mentioned before, the key to wearing florals is largely about balance. Incorporate the trend in only one piece of clothing at a time, keeping everything else simple and understated. Another important aspect to consider, is where the florals would fall on your body. No coconut bikini look-alikes, please.




It’s perfectly fine if you can’t tell fuchsia from pink, just keep your ambitions in check when dealing with colour. Mixing colours is like mixing drinks—in the case of clothes, it makes other people throw up if you get it wrong. If it’s a universal floral print, make sure that you keep things very mild. For floral motifs you can get adventurous (in moderation) as the background balances the look.




Shoes, socks, caps, ties, scarves, pocket-squares and accessories can be a great way to lose your floral virginity (one at a time, no orgies). Though the experience could very well determine the way you feel about florals for the rest of your life. The best advice in this case is the same as for the other first time – go with something that makes you comfortable and don’t expect too much.

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