So much has been written about corporate dressing, and the need to dress well for a day at the office/meetings/business travel. That doesn’t mean one must walk around looking like a dandy. After all, in the absence of a jacket, your work dress becomes a powerful form of non-verbal communication. The proper dress shirt is a button up, with a collar and long sleeves cuffed at the wrists, and is usually made from cotton fabric. Brooks Brothers produces some of the smartest dress shirts among name brands shirt makers; they’re worn by world leaders and CXOs, and are made from the trademarked Supima cotton and come in a range of fits. Then there is also the unique shopping experience the Brooks Brothers offers. Sold online exclusively on Tata CLiQ Luxury, a dress shirt (and more) can be bought using the CLiQ AND PiQ service (it can be bought online and picked up at the closest brand store, halving in-store browsing time as well as time spent in billing), it also makes it that much easier to exchange or return a shirt. For traditionalists, who would rather try before they buy, there is Tata CLiQ Luxury’s Reserve and Collect service, where a shirt can be reserved specially for you.

Pick the Right Colours

Up until the early years of the last century, white was the go-to colour for gentlemen of quality; and if they did wear coloured shirts, they usually had white collars and cuffs, as it was an indication of status – men engaged in manual labour and literally got their hands dirty avoided white. Not much has changed in terms of the white shirt’s popularity – in the pecking order if formality, the white dress shirt still comes out on top. Coloured dress shirts though, have recently become popular as men look for more dressing options. When it comes to solid colours, men with a dark complexion should wear pink, white, khaki, baby blue and grey. The idea is to pick colours that contrast with your skin tone. Avoid very bright and very dark colours, including turquoise, bright greens, magentas, black and dark browns. Style tip: To break away from the monotony of neutrals and pastels, introduce accessories in tan leather or navy blue. Men with an olive to wheatish complexions will look good in beige, burgundy, royal blue, navy and black. In fact, most colours look good on men with medium skin tones – the idea is simply to avoid wearing colours, such as mauve, olive, red and dark brown, which are very close to your skin tone. Style tip: Pair your dress shirt with black tailored trousers.

Wear the Right Prints

The selection might be restricted to stripes and checks, but wearing a printed dress shirt will add texture and break up the staidness of an all solid colour ensemble. Style tip: Most stripes and checks look good, especially when worn with solid coloured trousers, or under solid coloured suits. Image Courtesy: