Did you know that wikiHOW has a three-part illustrated series on how to be a bad guy? And what happens when you type how to be a good boy? Yes, there’s another three-part series, but this time with illustrations of an eight year old kid. I’m not sure what to make of that. Honestly, I for one find myself gravitating towards the nice guy but my contemporaries might disagree. Historically, there’s enough evidence to prove this. The bad boy in the movie walks off with the hottie, that tattooed guitarist with drug-sodden eyes and a bad temper is worshipped and the leather jacket-clad biker dude with the roaring Harley is every teenage girl’s poster boy. On the other hand, there’s the occasional chocolate boy: a rare breed of the Ryan Goslings and Salman Khans, who gained popularity in the '90s. These blue-eyed, clean-shaven, golden boys took on the bad boys (if only temporarily) and were always seen doting on the only girl they ever loved, unlike their playboy counterparts. So how can you tell them apart? Here’s a visual guide to help you pick sides. Choose wisely, ladies.
Looks are rational and distinctive only when variations are made with smart choices of mixing. Putting the things from ready to wear to accessories in a thoughtful way might accentuate your look from generic to trend setting.  - Deepam Sinha, Client Adviser at Louis Vuitton
Models: Anuj Duhan (Anima) & Ron Klamer (TFM India), Photographer: Sushant Chhabria, Make Up & Hair: Tenzim Kyizom, Styling: Shirin Salwan

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