Fashion’s taken a u-turn into the past and taken a pit-stop into the eclectic era. The 80s trend is making its way back into our lives and this fashion flashback is not just about the scrunchies and leg warmers but also those over-the-top shimmery dresses and shoulder pads that were such a rage back then. But it’s a tricky trend and we tell you how to wear the 80s trend without looking like you stepped right out of the era.

Shoulder pads

shoulder pads Huge shoulder pads over shirts, dresses and formal tops were a fashion statement in the 80s. This trend is back but to keep it from looking too dated wear it with well-fitted bottoms and wedges or platforms for a chic look. They will give an effortless, elegant structure to your look making you standout.

Chunky belts

chunky belt Chunky belts are statement accessories that can liven up any outfit and have been a much-loved trend back in the 80s. A dress in muted tones can be jazzed up with a broad belt in a bold and contrasting colour.

Oversized denim jacket

denim jacket Every college kid in the 80s owned an oversized denim shirt patched with artwork and that in itself was a style statement. This trend is back and you’ll see everyone sporting a denim jacket or shirt with trendy patchwork that make it standout. Pick a colour that’s not too dark and a size that’s not too fit for a casual and comfy vibe.

Off-shoulder everything

off shoulder Off-shoulder dresses were a popular pick for parties back then and the trend has set foot in 2017 too. This cut has become extremely popular especially if you want to show some skin without going overboard. Off-shoulder tops with pompoms are our favourite. Pick one that fits you well and wear it with slim fit pants. Go low on accessories and let your bare neck do the talking.

Mirrored Sunglasses

mirrored This trend that has now become as popular as the aviators is shamelessly borrowed from the eighties. These bright, super-mirrored glasses can be worn with almost anything and are perfect for a brunch date outfit.

Over-sized earrings

earrings It’s obvious that people in the 80s loved over-sized, jazzy stuff but resurrection of those trends now comes with a little polishing. Oversized hoops, statement earrings and tassel pairs are trending for all the right reasons. Wear them with a toned down attire and let your bold ear wear take all the attention.

Neon accessories

neon The era of the 80s was in love with neon and wouldn’t shy away from pairing neon colours together. Although neon colours are back in trend the way you wear it has gone through a metamorphosis and now made to look more chic and eye-pleasing. Neon accessories work best to add that pop of colour to any outfit and fuchsia or pink do the trick in most cases.

White footwear

white footwear White boots and pumps are so 80s. Everyone from models to regular people wore them and never regretted it. The trend is back and white footwear is making waves. White heels, white shoes and white sneakers are all the rage right now. These can be worn with almost any outfit. In fact white sneakers are worn on skirts, dresses and even kurtas for the casual yet stylish look.


ruffles This girly trend is inspired by the 80s where ruffles made way in various clothing. Now available is modern, easy to wear fabric ruffles can be a blessing to hide those flabs. Pick a fabric that falls well and pair it with slim-fit denims for a smart and classy look.


metallic Metallics are another favourite from the 80s but wearing electric colours in today’s times wouldn’t quite fit. But what if you picked cool cuts like an a-line skirt, a camisole or a pair of gold hoops? That would work and would certainly add a hint of glamour to your look. A shimmery slip dress or a shiny LBD would also be a safe yet sassy bet. Cover Image: Shutterstock Images Courtesy: wgsn Like this article? Also readThese Are the Colours of Spring-Summer 2017