Oscar Wilde, literary bad boy and uncrowned king of dapperism, once famously said “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.” As shopaholics (and lazy people) we believe in following the latter as a credo. The closest we can come to wearing art is investing in a Celine bag, but there is a tribe amongst us that wears and lives like a work of art. Yes, we’re looking at you, cosplayers. Dressing up shouldn’t be tedious and cosplayers make that look like bucket-loads of fun. Sure, you can’t turn up to work dressed fully in Darth Vader garb (brownie points to those who’ve tried that), but that’s not to say cosplaying has taught us nothing. We tried to pick their brains and this is what we learnt—

Harley needs her Puddin' ! #ComicConBlues in full swing.

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Stay in character

Hungover or not, getting dressed for work is no fun when you’ve woken up on a Monday morning. What helps to banish a bad case of blues is when you imagine yourself as your favourite character and dress accordingly. No, we still don’t mean Darth Vader even if the Dark Side is making a compelling argument. Think practical. Maybe something along the lines of Blair Waldorf or Cher Horowitz? Or why not just carpe diem by channeling your inner Annalise Keating #LadyBoss.

Accessories maketh an outfit

What is Wonder woman without her Bracelets of Submission or Lasso of Truth? She’s still Wonder Woman, sure, but even your favourite Amazonia knows the importance of accessories. The right shoes and belt can take you from #WokeUpLikeThis to #OOTD.

Details, details, details!

Cosplaying is all about little details that sum up to result in a #IRL accurate costume. Cosplayers spend days and weeks on getting every detail right—from the buttons and gems on their costume to the scrapes  and scratches on their weapon. Now, I’m not asking you to rip off a perfectly good pair of jeans. But when putting together an outfit, consider colour blocking or mixing prints, s’il vous plait?

Pretty on fleek

We can all do with learning how to commit to a look the way cosplayers do. From bleaching their hair down to the last hint of colour to spending hours on getting anime eyes right, their fashion game is on point. Let your Uber wait for five minutes while you put on your lipstick. Hello, bright and shiny you!