For someone who seems to milk social media for all its worth, Arvind Kejriwal is still to understand how privacy settings work. The chief minister of Delhi tweeted a video from YouTube to his followers yesterday... What Kejriwal failed to realise was that, in YouTube’s latest format, every time you personally share a video with someone, your profile is shared with it. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal, until you realise that this can be used to access your entire YouTube profile. All you have to do is click on his user icon (the big ‘A’ in the circle from the picture below) and you’re taken to their YouTube profile page where you can check out any videos that person may have put up or, as is the case with Kejriwal, any playlists that they may have curated.

01 kejriwal playlist The plot thickens...

We weren’t so lucky as to stumble upon any home videos Kejriwal may have shot guerrilla-style on his smartphone, but we did come across a very interesting playlist that he seems to have carefully curated over time. Check out Arvind Kejriwal’s very special playlist of “Old and patriotic songs” (his words, not ours) which, for whatever inexplicable reason, also includes the song Maa from Taare Zameen Par. Hmmm, very old and patriotic indeed! There are 15 songs in total, so knock yourself out. There’s just one other thing – we suspect that this may not be a mistake on Kejriwal’s part. Perhaps he left us a trail to follow to show us how much he cares for this country after all the stick he’s been getting from the right-wing of late? Guess we’ll never know for sure.

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