Ensuring access to purified and uncontaminated water not a seasonal priority. However, during the monsoon, water borne diseases like typhoid, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, diarrhea, malaria and dengue spread rampantly and anyone encountering contaminated water is at greater risk of being affected. To ensure that the water you consume at home is free from any water-borne diseases and contaminants, you need to get a water purifier with the latest technology onboard – preferably without costing a bomb. Depending on where you’re located and the type of water supplied to your home, you might need to pick between various filtration technologies. To make things easier, we’ve curated the best water purifiers with various filtration configurations under Rs. 10000, so that you can pick the one that suits your needs. 

Before you read further, You might find this helpful: Here's how RO, UV, UF and MF work


Livpure Vibe RO + UF + Mineraliser 7 L Water Purifier (White) 

With a six-stage purification system powered by RO and UF filtration technology, along with mineraliser, the Livpure Vibe will keep you and your family healthy and safe. The onboard 7-litre tank is easy to clean as well.  

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Splash RO + UF Water Purifier (Burgundy) 

The six-litre tank on the Aquasure Splash RO+UF purifier will be ample enough for a standard family. Additionally, the smart energy savings mode also keeps the electricity bills low. 


Blue Star Aristo AR4BLAM01 UV + RO 7 L Water Purifier (Black) 

While the onboard RO filtration takes care of the heavy particulate matter, the UV technology removes the bacteria and microbes from the water. Additionally, the child-lock will keep children in the house from wasting water unintentionally.  

Moonbow Ezili 7L RO + UV Water Purifier (Black) 

The in-line sediment and pre-carbon filters on the Ezili take care of micro and fine suspended impurities as well as bad odour and taste. On top of that, the combination of RO and UV makes this one of the safest alternatives in a compact form factor. 


Kent Maxx 7L UV + UF Membrane Water Purifier (White & Blue) 

The transparent storage tank on the Kent Maxx is not just for visual delight – it is also easily detachable and easy to clean. While the UV filter kills the bacteria, germs and virus, the UF filter clears the remains out from the water. Both combine to purify water at the rate of 1L/minute. 

Kent Ultra Storage UV+UF 7L Water Purifier (White/Blue)

With an elegant wall mounting design, the Kent Ultra Storage is also one of the budget options on this list. The high-power 11W lamp onboard can take down nearly any harmful microorganism, while the UV fail alarm alerts a user when they’re at risk due to machine failure. 


Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus Water Purifier (White)  

An often-ignored part of the water purification process is what happens to the contaminants and remnants after the filtration. The Aquaguard Crystal Plus comes with Backflush, a feature that removes the stagnated water and keeps the filters clean. It also packs a voltage stabiliser 


Tata Swach Cristella Advance 18 L Water Purifier (Blue) 

If capacity and budget are high priorities for you, then the Tata Swach Cristella is the perfect pick. With an 18L tank and cartridge life of 1.5 years, this purifier is driven by gravity and does not require electricity to function.  

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