For something that constitutes more than half of our body, water is a rather essential need that doesn’t get as much attention. We all presume the water that’s supplied to us is safe to drink. While that might be the case for some places, this is far from being a universal truth. In India, only 44% of the population have access to piped water out of which only 32% have access to treated tap water - which brings us to the need for water purifiers.

With the ongoing monsoons, water-borne diseases are more prevalent than usual. This calls for safe water filtration units that can help avoid health disasters. So, let’s take a look at a water purifier from Hindware that can help you avoid intaking water that might harm your health. Remember, pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.

Hindware Elara Water Purifiers

Hindware Water Purifiers are the perfect mix of aesthetics and function. Their Elara water purifiers are just perfectly suited to your needs. It boasts of a 5-stage filtration process that makes use of RO + UV technology with a host of others to treat tap water. Where it sets itself apart from others is that it has two carbon filters. The absorbent pre-carbon filter absorbs bad odour, colour, chlorine, pesticides from the water and the secondary post-carbon filter polishes it and increases the transparency of water.  

If you live in one of those places where the TDS levels are very high you won’t be disappointed with what Elara has to offer. The filter used in the water purifier is perfectly suitable to be used with water with TDS levels up to 1800 ppm. The tank of the purifier can store up to 7 litres of water. There’s an LED indicator strip that indicates power, tank fullness and if the purification process is ongoing.

To ensure complete protection, it’s highly suggested to go ahead with the Elara RO + UV + UF Water Purifier that sports a 7-stage filtration process. It builds on the basic model by offering ultra-filtration technology and mineral fortification. UF technology is a powerful way to remove bacteria and cysts from drinking water and making it safer to drink. But the Elara doesn’t stop at just purifying water, it enhances it too. Its mineral fortification system adds back essential minerals to the water and also balances the pH level of the water.

Now that we have the more important points out of the way, we'd also like to bring attention to how aesthetically pleasing the water purifier is. It has a dual-tone white and black colour scheme, a stylish tap lever and an elegant glossy finish ensuring that your water purifier matches up to the design standards of your modern kitchen!

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