It’s ironical how the same monsoon that brings respite after a long season of sweltering summer is also responsible for one of the most disease-prone time of the year. The rains bring along one of the biggest problems of the season, water contamination. Drinking untreated water during this season can lead to several diseases and infections. Equipping your home with a #NewAndNow water purifier will keep your family safe this monsoon. Soon the market will be filled with a variety of water purifiers, each specialising in certain technologies to beat various impurities. However, there is no “one type fits all” when it comes to water purifiers, so pick the one that best suits your needs. Here’s what you need to consider before picking a water purifier. water purifier Water is an excellent solvent and has the tendency to dissolve most compounds. These include chemicals, metals, salts, minerals and a bunch of other impurities (total dissolved solids) it encounters at the source. Even though the water you receive through municipal supply goes through its own purification process, it gets contaminated during the transmission before it reaches your taps. The pipelines that carry this water get worn out and give in to external pollution. In many cases, the sewage line is very close to the water pipes which further puts the water in a compromised situation. The monsoon worsens this condition. Considering the total dissolved solids (TDS) present in the water and the other impurities it accumulates on the way, the water you finally receive is laden with numerous layers of filth that lead to diseases and infections. water purifier buying guide Water purification is an important form of treatment but you first need to know what’s wrong with the water you get and then choose the right technology to purify it. Find every kind of Water Purifier here. Like this article? Also Read: Never Spend on Bottled Water Again with This Portable Purifier Cover Image Courtesy:

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