With winter around the corner, it’s the perfect time for you to invest in a water heater, if you’ve been thinking about getting one for some time now. While the conventional water heater is  considered an expensive buy because of the to high electricity bills, new-age water heaters are much more energy efficient. Below is a mix of water heaters that are selected not only on the basis of how energy-efficient they, are but also on various other parameters like capacity, design, warranty, quality of components and value for money.

AO Smith Water Heater

This heater from AO Smith has a capacity of 15L and is pretty compact and stylish. Its inner tank comes with a lining of ‘Blue Diamond Glass’, which increases the life of the tank and makes it resistant to corrosion. The heat knob on the heater can be adjusted to a precisely set the temperature between 25°C and 75°C. If the water temperature goes beyond the pre-set level, the thermal cut-out feature cuts off the water supply to avoid unwanted situations.

Havells Monza EC

This water heater from Havells is a 5 star-rated water heater that ensures optimum conservation of energy, thanks to its high-density PUF insulation. This model has a ferroglass covering in the tank, which not only makes it withstand hard water but also gives it protection from corrosion. The Havells Monza can also withstand up to 8-bar pressure which makes it ideal for use in high-rise buildings.

V-Guard Steamer Plus

The V-Guard Steamer Plus features a compact design and sturdy built which makes it an attractive option if you have an eye for aesthetics. While the outer cover is made of powder-coated mild steel, the inner tank is made of steel with a coating of glass for extra durability. This 5 star-rated water heater is an efficient performer and comes with a capillary thermometer to control the temperature as needed. The high working pressure of up to 8 bars also makes this a suitable choice for multi-storeyed buildings.
Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com