We’ve officially entered the final phase of the year, with November about to start its second half. Even if you’re not in one of the typically chilly areas of the country, you will experience the mercury dropping around you sometime soon. Whether as a winter-person or as someone who’s not too fond of the cold, you can’t afford to ignore the season and the changes it entails. For starters, it’s time to bring out your winter wear and give it a good wash. It’s also time to look forward to hot brews on cold winter evenings. The list can seem endless, but home appliances can help.

In most of our lives today, we do a lot with the help of home appliances – whether it is getting your favourite cup of coffee or maintaining your favourite winter jacket. Just to make sure that you’re sorted for the winter, here’s our list of picks for essential winter appliances.

Water heater

Most people don’t prefer taking a cold shower in winter – and a good water heater will always have your back even in the chilliest mornings. With 25L storage, the Bajaj New Shakti can take care of an entire family’s hot water needs.

Electric Kettle

While a water-heater can take care of hot water for your bath, when you need some to drink or make tea with, what you really need is a reliable electric kettle. The Prestige PKOSS can do that for you and do it safely with features like auto shut off.

Coffee Makers

No winter is complete without a hot cup of your favourite brew. To get the perfect cup at home, you should rely on the coffee maker from the Philips Daily Collection. The drip stop feature reduces your wait time for a cup while being dishwasher friendly makes it easy to clean.

Convection Microwave

Regardless of how you feel about winter, nobody wants cold food during the season. The IFB Rotisserie is just the convection microwave you need to defrost and heat food in no time. It can even take care of basic baking needs during the party season.


When your baking needs are above average, you can’t compromise on performance. With the Morphy Richards OTG, your winter bakes will be the best in town. Additionally, the convection feature also helps it double up for quick heating tasks.

Hot & Cold ACs

Air conditioners are almost always associated with summers. However, The Voltas Hot Cold Copper 2019 is one for all the seasons, with an operational range of 0-46 degrees celsius. The filtration also takes care of impurities in the air.


Dabbling in the basin for clean dishes on cold winter days is not how one should be spending the season. The LG Free Standing Dishwasher comes with features like TrueSteam and Quadwash, as well as high capacity. With it, your winter parties can be as grand as they’ve always been, without worrying about dirty dishes the next morning.


Even if you manage to wash clothes during winter, they take ages to dry, unless you have the right appliance. With the Voltas Beko Fully Automatic Washer Dryer and its right modes for all kinds of clothing, you can stop worrying about getting your clothes clean and dry during winters. Your wardrobe will be in the best hands.

Washing Machines with Heater

With the ability to automatically sense the load, the Whirlpool 360 Bloomwash Pro heats the water up to 60 degrees with its internal heater. This leads to a 99.9% germ and allergen-free wash, while the Power Dry feature makes them ready to wear in no time - making it important among the home appliances to have in your home.

Convertible Refrigerator

Among home appliances, the refrigerator is useful throughout the year. However, the freezer might find itself abandoned in winters. The convertible feature on the Samsung refrigerator allows you to use the freezer as a fridge compartment (and vice versa, which will be useful in the summers). This way, all your party food will have a place to stay fresh without freezing away.

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