While you go about planning that next great escapade, don't forget to check out these fab watches that are stylish and extremely pocket friendly to add to your collection. Watches are as important as your essential summer clothing and as you re-haul your summer wardrobe, treat yourself to these watches that are highly durable, stylish and absolutely perfect for all your travels this season. We're sure you'll love this curated list that's super chic and budget-friendly. Here's what we recommend:
t pastel pink
Pastels are definitely a big trend and if you're a big fan, you need to get your hands on this one ASAP! Pastel pink is perfect for summer and could be paired with most of your chic casuals.
fastrack 1
Simple yet extremely smart, this watch could be paired with your formal work wear as well as your smart casuals. It features a brown round shaped dial and a silver strap which looks trendy.
titan 3
An all black watch is perfect to pair with trousers or an LBD. It's smart, trendy and perfect to add just the right amount of style to your look.
titan 2
This white watch is an absolute must-have for summer. It's elegant, smart and perfect to pair with all your summer outfits. For a chic look, pair it with a floral summer dress.
titan silver
This classic blue and silver analog watch is trendy and could be paired with your smart casuals. The blue coloured dial paired with a silver stainless steel strap makes it a must-have that you have to get your hands on.
titan white silver
If you're going to live in your casuals all summer long, we've got you the perfect watch to go with all your outfits. It's smart and you're definitely going to love it. Image courtesy: Shutterstock Like this article? Also read: 7 Stunning Rose Gold Watches You'll Love